Tips for amateur cat training at home

Cat training at home If you are a cat parent, we know you absolutely love their sass and pizzazz. Cats are always known for their cheeky, independent habits and their preference to make their own decisions without depending on their owner. There are a ton of cat memes going around on social media about how […]

Training new puppies – Tips to keep in mind

Training new puppies If you are a dog trainer, you already know you have a pretty fun and fulfilling job. You get to train a lot of furry companions and meet them on the regular. Meeting dogs on a regular basis is any dog lover’s perfect dream. In addition to this, you also get to […]

Things you should not be doing as a dog trainer

Being a dog trainer Dog training can be an extremely interesting job to do. You will get to spend plenty of time with your fur buddies and you will also get to teach them the best ways to behave. Not only that, you get to experience the gratitude of multiple pet parents for the job […]

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