3 tips that can help in cat socialization

Cat socialization

Being a pet parent has never been among some of the easiest positions out there, however, it is extremely rewarding to see your pets grow and thrive in the environment that you created for them. A lot of the times pet parents unknowingly coddle and ensure that their pet is always protected and shielded from the outside world but it is extremely important to remember that since we live in a society, making sure that they have the set of skills to thrive in the environment you live in becomes extremely important. 

Although you might not be able to always be there for your cat, you can always ensure that they are taken care of.

Cats especially are famously known for liking their own space and being independent when it comes to their needs. In fact a lot of cat parents do not worry too much when their cats disappear from their house for a few hours or sometimes even for a few days. However, this independence does not necessarily mean that they are sociable. Which is why cat socialization plays an important part in the upbringing of a cat. Although socializing an older cat might not be as easy as molding a kitten, it is certainly nowhere close to impossible – just a little patience and loads of love and comfort along with carefully strategized training will do the trick. Either ways, if you are cat parent looking to make the process of cat socialization a little easier, here are a few tips that might help you out – 


Using confined spaces – Most cats might not be very obedient upfront. In these cases, you might make temporary use of cages to remove their fear of socialization and prevent them from running away when you are trying to teach them something. Although, you have to remember that it absolutely becomes your responsibility to ensure that your cat feels safe and nurtured and most importantly does not feel like you are punishing them via the cage. Which is why, it is more advisable to do the cat socialization training in closed rooms so although they do have room to walk around, they do not have the room to deflect the training itself by running out of the session.  


Pheromones – Pheromones play an important role in how cats perceive their environment with respect to their safety and comfort. There are a lot of companies that make artificial pheromone diffusers that will ensure that your cat feels safe while their cat socialization training is going on. You usually get it in the form of sprays and can spray on the mats they are around on or any tool that you used to pet them or reward them with. 


Varied motivation tactics – When rewarding cats you need to be careful about how you are doing it. As a pet parent you are the best person to know what they will like the most when it comes to being rewarded for the appropriate behavior. It can be something as simple as providing them with their favorite treats after they display the desired behavior. Some cats may love cuddling with you and this can be their positive reinforcement just like some lap time, verbal affirmations, petting or playing with them. It works best when you switch up these reinforcements and let them know that their behavior will be rewarded in one way or the other. Eventually they will learn that a particular set of behaviors make you happy and will get comfortable with it in the long run. 


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