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4 BIG Reasons Why Dog Grooming is Important

A lot of people go around assuming that the only reason dogs require grooming is to keep up appearances and continue looking as cute and adorable as they always do. But have you ever thought of why veterinarians so strongly recommend that people get their little buddies groomed as often as possible?

Think of it this way: other than appearances sake, what other reason is there for humans to bathe or shower every day? Well, to continue remaining healthy and hygienic, right? This is the same reason dog grooming is so important as well! It helps wash away all the dirt and bacteria that lie on their skin and in their fur, which could lead to many problems in the future.

Have Your Dog Professionally Groomed

PawSpace is here to treat your furry friends right! They offer a good number of certified, trusted, and local pet care service providers that have the right skills and enough patience to take care of your paw-pals. You can look for paw-stars in your city on their website by searching for Dog Grooming Near Me. What’s even better is how affordable it is, offering you the best prices for the best treatment for your best friend.

Dog Grooming can entail various grooming services, including bathing, haircutting, nail trimming, cording, and so much more. Grooming your pets as often as possible is extremely important, and if you are still wondering why you should start right away, here are 4 big reasons why:

1. Hygiene and Sanitation

This might be one of the most obvious reasons for dog grooming, but a lot of people tend to underestimate how hygienic dog grooming can actually be. Grooming can help remove old hair and dead skin cells, as well as clean off the dirt and excess oil that is lingering on your dog’s skin.

Cleaning them up and brushing away all that buildup can be fantastic for your dog’s hygiene and smell. A lot of dog owners complain about an odd odour coming from their dog, which can be due to a lack of proper grooming. You and your dog will be super grateful once they’re all cleaned up and feeling fresh!

2. Regular Check-ups for Early Prevention

There have been several cases in which pet owners took their dogs for grooming, and the pet groomers, while handling the dogs, detected oddities, like a lump or a skin irritation of some form. What is scary is that these out-of-the-blue lumps may or may not be cancerous. What dog grooming does is, in the process of cleaning up your dog, lead to early detection and prevention of severe health issues.

In fact, the more regularly you go to a particular groomer, the more familiar they are going to be with your little fur friend, and so they can quickly detect any abnormalities that may present themselves on your dog.

3. Prevents Matting

Matting is very common among dogs, especially among long-haired, fluffy ones. Matting happens when your dog’s fur has too many tangles and knots that can be a task to detangle and can lead to serious health issues like skin irritation or bacterial infection. 

Matts can also be a home for ticks and fleas, which is another big problem to take care of. Grooming your dog would mean combing through their fur, consequently preventing the formation of knots and tangles in their hair.

4. Healthier Ears

Emphasis on the cleanliness of your dog’s ears is something that dog owners almost always overlook. But your dog’s ear canal is really deep, and has hair follicles in it, too. The hair is one of the things that makes a dog’s hearing so impeccable. But It is important for you to get rid of excess wax or anything that builds up in your dog’s ears since it can lead to severe ear infections – and also a really bad odor. 

Since ear infections are one of the top causes of canine deafness, having their ears examined on a regular basis will help them keep their hearing for many years to come.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

The best time to start grooming your pets is now! PawSpace has pet caretakers who are certified to meet the highest quality standards and are the best option for you and your fur friends. So, feel free to book an appointment by searching dog grooming near me!

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