PawSpace Recommends – 5 dogs best suited for small spaces

It’s a long-gone myth that you can’t own a furry companion if your living space is small. Although some dog breeds such as a husky or a german shepherd require larger homes, plenty of breeds will be more than happy in a small apartment. Lucy, for you soon to be dog owners, PawSpace is dedicating this blog to the five best dogs suited for small spaces! Keep reading until you find your perfect one. 



How can you say no to those eyes? No denying, they can get a little naughty, but pugs can quickly adapt to different living spaces – small or large. That is one of the reasons they happen to be so popular too. The only thing you need to keep in check before getting one is extreme temperatures. 


Bull Dog 

They might look pretty muscular, but bulldogs are not all that active. They don’t require long walks – brisk strolls should do for them. However, cities that have rising temperatures may not keep them so happy! Most people end up in love with this breed because of their loyal and friendly demeanour. 


Saint Bernard 

Who said you couldn’t have a big dog in a small home? One of the most giant dogs, Saint Bernard deceives all looks as they don’t require a ton of space. On the contrary, they will hope to have a dedicated spot in your home where they can, well, drool all day!


Indian Spitz 

Indian breeds can be one of the most adaptable dogs. One among them – the Indian Spitz is very often confused with the Pomerinarian. They can easily be satisfied in small living spaces and is a perfect choice if you are looking for an indie! 


Shih Tzu 

Extremely popular nowadays due to their affection towards other dogs and babies, Shih Tzus used to be bred back in the day in large Chinese palaces. Not to worry though, they will settle just fine in your modest, cosy home! 


As much as the size of the home is of importance while picking your best-suited breed, exercise, feeding and finally, your dog’s happiness precedes it all! Even if you plan on having a dog in a small space, make sure to give them the required amount of exercise, follow a nutritious diet, groom regularly and have a fixed schedule in place.


We understand that sometimes all the factors that come with having a healthy and happy dog can be slightly overwhelming. Especially when you are working, your lifestyle or health does not allow you to give as much time to do the needful. Here is where PawSpace at-home pet care services come to your rescue. Choose from a variety of services that we provide, such as pet sitting, dog walking, pet boarding, pet training, corporate daycare and so much more! All our pet service care providers are PawSpace certified with 100% finished background checks; make your booking today! 

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