5 ways you can provide best dog boarding services

Dog boarding services

If you love pets and like taking care of them, you would be someone who would enjoy providing dog boarding services. It is a job that comes with a lot of responsibility. As much as it is amazing to cuddle with cute little pets and spend your time taking care of them and making sure of their well-being, while providing dog boarding services, you will have to ensure that you are meeting all of the requirements and expectations of the per parent who has entrusted their dog(s) with you.

When you are boarding a dog at your home, you are essentially taking care of the pet babies while their pet parents are away from them for a while. You are providing them with a second home where all their needs are met just like it would be fulfilled at their own home. You are expected to provide them with all kinds of comfort they require in addition to constantly and consistently giving them all the love and attention they need to thrive happily while they are missing their parents who are away.

  1. Comfort zone – Once the parent drops the dog off at your home, let them discover new surroundings and find their own favorite place. Ofcourse, you might have to supervise and make sure they do not knock things over or injure themselves. You might also have to make sure that you pet-proof your apartment so you can avoid worrying about safety later.
  2. Constant updates to parents – After leaving their pet baby with you, it is natural for parents to feel anxious about their pet’s well-being so it becomes your responsibility to make sure that you give constant updates about their pet. This is usually done by sending them pictures and little videos of their pet just being in their element. You can also talk to the pet parent if their pet displays any kind of worrying behavior (according to you) as ultimately the goal is to make sure the dog is happy and healthy 
  3. Emergency contacts – Make sure you have one or two back-up vet contacts to call to if something goes wrong. Just to be safe, note down the pet’s usual vet contact and also have contacts of your own. Although in most cases everything might go smoothly, in case of emergencies make sure you have the means and contact details to reach the pet parent as soon as possible.
  4. Activities – Most dogs love to goof and play around. If they are staying with you for a few days, it is best if you plan some activities and games to keep them engaged. This way, you can keep the dog(s) active, spend quality time with them and also keep yourself healthy. However, you should make sure that you have confirmed with the pet parent(s) about what kind of games are okay to play with their dog. Some dogs may have physical or health-wise limitations and it becomes very important to abide by these and then help them have fun in their own way. 
  5. Keeping up with the schedule – Dogs thrive very much when they are on a schedule. In most cases, the pet parents would have put the dog on a schedule and allocated specific timings for the different activities in the dog’s day, including pooping! So, when you are boarding the dog, the same schedule must be followed by you so the dog remains on track and healthy even when their parents are away. If a schedule is followed, it also becomes easy for you to plan out your own day and also take care of their needs more easily.
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