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PawSpace Recommends – Top 10 cat breeds with the longest life spans

To those who love cats, they’re more than “just pets”. Like all our loved ones, we would want our cats to stay with us forever. So, while looking to bring a new one home, you must remember that although domestic cats tend to have shorter life spans. However, certain breeds have a longer one as compared to others. Let’s discuss some of the cat breeds that may be blessed to spend longer time with you. 


Did you know that this popular breed was initially known as Siam? They originated from Thailand. Several siamese cats have been recorded to have lived till 15 years and some even 20! A bonus to their prolonged life span is that they have been blessed with a great personality as well – social, playful and friendly. The Siamese are also super intelligent; you can harness train them and with continuous training, they can put up a fair show of some cool tricks too! 

Russian Blue

One of the most elegant looking cat breeds, the Russian Blues, are the models of the Meow Kingdom. It’s no wonder that they’ve been booked for so many T.V. advertisements too – with their slender bodies and long limbs, they can stun just anyone! But these breeds aren’t just blessed with good looks; they can live up to around 15-20 years too. These breeds are gently and shy; however, easy to train. 


Who remembers Mrs Whiskerson, Rachel’s famous cat from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? As Ross rightly asked, “Why is it inside out?” This breed has no fur coat and is very popular as they are, well, “hairless”. Hence you get to spend less on cat grooming and they are not allergy-causing. The Sphinx can live up to 15-20 years. They are social and love to follow their loved ones around.

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Since the Sphynx have no fur, these breed needs extra protection during winter and cooling off during summers. 


This breed is said to have a very high resemblance to the Siamese in terms of physical traits. However, the Balinese have a longer length of coat. Some of the most common adjectives used to describe this breed are chatty, intelligent, agile, loving, etc. If you plan to get a Balinese home, you should know that they have a life span of 18-22 years. 


The Burmese hold the record of being the oldest living cat in the world at 35 years. Although not all Burmese cats don’t live that long, you can expect them to have a life span of anywhere between 18-25 years, which is very long compared to the other breeds. These cats are often confused for Birman breeds, which are larger. Burmese are medium-sized along with long, silky coats, unlike the Birman that has a shorter coat. This breed can be the perfect companion for both you and your family as they love children, are playful and most importantly, may be able to spend more time with you.

No cat lover is ready for that day when they’ll have to let go of their beloved pet’s paw. Although we hope to have given you some insight through this list made of some of the cats that have the most extended life spans, the life expectancy of a cat, dog or any living being for that matter is determined by a range of factors. These include overall health, diet, exercise, access to medical care, etc. So, it is essential to note that you must provide quality pet care to stretch the life span of your feline. This can be done by giving them a nourishing diet, apple exercise, frequent vet check-ups and keeping them happy. 

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