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Do you have a pet? Then you can relate to what I’m going to say.

  • Does your cat seem to lick, bite, or nibble herself constantly? These are the signs that your pet needs a gentle grooming session. That’s where PawSpace cat grooming Hyderabad services come to light.
  • Certified pet groomers provide your beloved cats with efficient and long-lasting grooming services. All this helps your cats to feel good and at ease in their skin.
  • The pet groomers team at PawSpace ensures your little one gets the best care in the comfort of their homes.

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The Preferred Cat Grooming Services At PawSpace

Proper Nails Clipping

It is advisable to begin clipping your cat’s nails as a kitten to get them used to the practice. Nail clipping should always be done while the cat is quiet or drowsy. Cat grooming services are performed in a peaceful area to put the cat at ease. They even take the time to play with their paws and make them feel at ease by stroking them frequently.


PawSpace cat groomers/carers are trained to avoid the sensitive “quick” area of the nail that contains nerves and blood vessels while clipping the nails.

Hygienic Bathing & Cleaning

Cats and water are bitter enemies, so bathe them carefully to avoid startling or scaring them. PawSpace’s cat grooming Hyderabad services are prepared to deal with this problem by gently cleaning and bathing the cats.


The pet carers schedule the bath for when your cat is sleepy; they will be more inclined to cooperate. Moreover, professional cat groomers use a light sprayer or a mug to pour water over them gently. There are no snarls or scrapes!

Perfect Stroke Brushing

Who doesn’t enjoy stroking a cat’s fur? A flea comb and a brush are all required for short-haired cats. Brushes help remove dead hair, dirt, and other debris from your lovely cat’s fur. At PawSpace, the groomers bring their brushes specialized for stroking your cat’s fur in a good way.


However, grooming cats with long fur takes a little longer time. This is because they shed more than short-haired cats. To tackle this issue, the carer from PawSpace cat grooming Hyderabad services brushes the cat’s fur multiple times to prevent matting.

Why Choose Cat Grooming With PawSpace?

Verified Pet Care Providers

PawSpace has integrated the city’s most extensive network of vets, groomers, and other pet service professionals who have been verified and certified for various grooming services. Because of their extensive training and education, the pet crew provides good quality cat grooming Hyderabad services and care in the comfort of your home.

Personalized Care Services

Personalized pet grooming services are also available from the PawSpace firm. The pet service provider starts by learning about the individual cat and its habits. This allows them to provide your kitties with the highest quality of love and care.

Full Support

Your concern will always be addressed by the helpful staff at PawSpace, no matter how big or small it may be. Pet owners can call at any time during business hours to ask any questions they may have about the cat grooming Hyderabad services.


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Summing It Up

Regular sessions from PawSpace cat grooming Hyderabad services help your cat look and feel good. Cats like to be clean and hygienic, which is well provided by our expert pet professionals, who are trusted and verified. Our professional groomers ensure that your cat’s coat is clean and free of dirt while keeping it calm and comfortable. No more hassled grooming sessions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

PawSpace offers cat services such as boarding, sitting, walking, grooming, daycare, play dates, training, licensing, and even funerals.
All of our services are flexible, so if your pet has a bad experience with one of our caregivers, you can easily ask to switch to someone else.
An average range of 2-4 hours is spent grooming a cat. It may take longer in the case of long-haired furry pets.
We recommend bringing your pet in for a professional grooming session every six to eight weeks. However, some pets, such as shorthaired dogs who love to roll around in the dirt, may require more frequent trips to the groomer.
Get in touch with one of our specialists to arrange a regular grooming routine for your pet.
PawSpace’s official website provides you with an online form to fill in and book an appointment for a specific date. We can accommodate your preferred scheduling preferences if you contact us as soon as possible. We do our best to accommodate walk-ins, but availability is not guaranteed.

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