Dog Grooming 101: How to Detangle Your Dog’s Coat with Ease

If your furry companion has long hair it’s more than probable that you’ve encountered the problem of matting. These pesky lumps of tangled fur or hair don’t just look bad – they can be quite damaging and painful for your dog. 


Without effective dog grooming, the mats tend to grow tougher and bigger, especially in areas prone to tangling like the back of the ears, the legs, and the base of your dog’s tail. Here’s a short guide on how you can detangle your dog’s luscious coat with ease!

Best Tools for Dematting

Before you begin the dematting process, you need to have the right tools and dog grooming products handy, so that you have a successful detangling session.

  • Shampoo and Detangler Spray

If your doggo is prone to getting tangles, having a two-in-one shampoo that cleans as well as conditions, is important. Apart from a good, toxin-free shampoo, a detangling spray with conditioning properties is a must in your arsenal. These products soften the hair and ease detangling, while also rejuvenating damaged hair follicles.

  • Detangler Brush

A regular brush is ideal if your dog’s coat sheds minimally and requires less maintenance. But, a specifically designed dog detangler brush can painlessly remove tough mats. Its serrated stainless-steel teeth aid in separating the tangled hair, while brushing.

  • Clippers

In the worst-case scenario, you may have to use a pair of scissors to cut out your furry friend’s clump of matted fur. While a set of dog grooming shears will do the trick, dog clippers are designed specifically for dogs. Their tips are rounded, so you don’t have to worry about pointy blades hurting your dog, in case they get fidgety.

Detangling Your Dog’s Coat


  • Select a comfortable location: You should be able to control your doggo without making them feel helpless or scared. Try to maintain eye-level contact with them to help them feel relaxed.

  • Massage the knot: Gently massage the visible knots with your fingers, to naturally loosen the hair.

  • Separate the matted clump from the surrounding fur: Brush back the fur around the tangled clump to make it easier to comb out the matted hair.

  • Brush: Gently place your hand beneath the fur, but over the skin, and brush the matted area with a dog grooming brush with soft bristles. This reduces the tugging feeling. Alternate directions and sweep sideways to gently separate the tangled hair.  

  • Use some detangler spray: While this step can be skipped, the conditioner in the spray makes it easier for the brush to smoothly move through your dog’s hair without damaging the hair. It also helps dampen the fur, making detangling easier.

  • Detangling: Using a detangler brush, start from the area furthest from the skin, and work your way downwards. To prevent snagging your dog’s skin, hold their skin taut.

  • Combing: With a grooming comb, neaten the freshly detangled hair. It will also help distribute the conditioner evenly.

  • Shower with love: Most importantly, don’t forget to shower your furry friend with love! Detangling can be a stressful process for them, and treats, pets, and words of affection will help comfort them! 


Final Words

Maintaining a healthy coat can prevent mat formation which could lead to issues like poor ventilation, skin infections, and poor blood circulation. Detangling is a delicate dog grooming process and requires the utmost patience from your side. If your dog’s fur has tangled right down to their skin or if you’re not confident about detangling, you may have to get the clump trimmed or shaved, by professional groomers like PawSpace. 

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