How to be a good dog walker on a rainy day?

When the monsoon arrives, so do the worries of a dog walker! We know you are having a hard time navigating through traffic amidst the puddle, the rain and hundreds of other people. However, monsoon season also means as a dog walker, you might not be able to provide the dog with the same amount of exercise that they get on a non-rainy day. You cannot let that happen now, can you? Exercise is an essential part of a dog’s overall health and lifespan. So, does monsoon mean you just have to stop taking dogs to their daily walks? Absolutely not!

You can make sure that a dog gets enough exercise and more even in the rainy season.

So, what do we start off with?

  • Know whether your dog is afraid – Some dogs, mostly young ones, are afraid of the rain. The reason is not abundantly researched yet, however, this fear might hinder the possibility of their daily walks. So what do you do? If you have a garden or lawn, slowly introduce your dog to rain by leaving them out inside your home premises. Then, start taking them for short walks and reassure them throughout. Show them that rain is nothing to be afraid about.
  • Short walks – Make sure that the walks are short and effective. You can do the normal amount of walking with your dog if necessary but it is advisable to keep the walks short when it is raining. This way, they (and you) will not have to stay in that uncomfortable weather for long and will also accomplish that day’s exercise quota.
  • Avoid puddles – This may seem very obvious to humans, but as pets they tend to be attracted to water puddles formed during the rain. Even if the rain is not very heavy, your pet baby might get wet and dirty because of the puddles. These might also bring in unwanted germs to your house. So be a little careful of what path you choose while taking them for a walk.
  • Make them wear a coat – you may dress your dog very often but make sure you put a raincoat over them (and yourself) just in case it starts raining while you are outside. This will most of their body stay dry.
  • Invest in some dog boots – it might not be the easiest feat to get them to wear boots, but you might as well try. This way, the dirt and muddy water does not reach your doggo’s paws and they will be much easier to clean after the walk is completed.
  • Rainy day bag – while taking your dog for a walk, have a bag with a few essential items for a rainy day – towels, dog treats, water and umbrellas.
  • Keep them on a leash – a lot of dog parents usually just let their dogs walk without a leash as they trust them not to run away or harm anyone. However, this is not the most advisable way to make their walks happen even on non-rainy days. To ensure they are safe and other people are not spooked (this especially occurs with bigger breeds), put them on a leash while walking them. On rainy days, this becomes even more important because this way, you can ensure that they do not go after dirty puddles or unidentified creatures on the road.
  • Keep them warm – before, after and during the walk, make sure your dog is not feeling terribly cold or uncomfortable. Especially after the walk, immediately switch on your heater, towel dry them and wrap them in a warm blanket.

Rainy days might hamper our moods sometimes, and other times they might seem like some of the most beautiful days. Either ways, don’t let rainy days hamper your doggo’s much-needed walking routine – you always have PawSpace dog walking services to your rescue!

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