Factors involved in Dog grooming

What Dog grooming involves

If you are a pet parent and happen to have a very enthusiastic furry friend, then we know you are familiar with the concept of dog grooming. It is basically a process where the dog’s health and hygiene are ensured by taking your dog to the dog groomers periodically so they can get their body parts cleaned, trimmed, and start looking as good as a star! Some pet parents might assume that since their dog is not much of a shedding kind, they do not require any grooming services. Some may think that they see no big deal in why they should take their dog to the dog groomers for dog grooming every once in a while. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration of why dog grooming is an essential and non-negotiable part of a dog’s life. Here are some of the reasons that the process is deemed so important for the health and the well-being of your dogs – 


Tangles and mess – Depending on the breed dogs have a lot of hair/fur on their body naturally. Although some dogs might not have much fur, even those will need trimming from time to time. Especially breeds like poodles, labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, etc might need more frequent trimming than a few other breeds like Yorkshire terriers and hairless Chihuahuas. The more tangles they have on their fur, the harder it is for them to live in a clean way. 


Dental hygiene – Just like human beings, dental hygiene plays a huge role in ensuring that your dog’s life is led in a healthy way. It has various benefits like ensuring that your dog does not contract any diseases by the bacteria and viruses that might end up on their teeth or gums through various external sources.  The more obvious ones are avoiding dental diseases that can prove to be extremely painful and agonizing for them in addition to affecting their food intake and in turn affect their overall health. You might have to worry about your dog’s dental hygiene if you see symptoms like drooling, reduced food intake, bad breath, bleeding gums, and broken teeth. It is always advisable to never let them face any of these symptoms and ensure regular grooming that includes dental hygiene. 


Brushing – Brushing their mane becomes an important part of their routine to ensure that their fur does not become a host for various ticks and diseases. 


Nails – It is extremely vital that you keep the length of your dog’s nails always trimmed and groomed. There are various reasons long nails can prove to be harmful to your dog – one is that when your dog’s nails start growing longer and longer, they start curving inward. This makes them walk in awkward ways as their ability to get a grip is reduced. This will affect their overall posture and cause them unneeded agony. There is also the factor that your dog’s nails might end up housing a lot of bacteria which might prove harmful to both you and your dog.


Ears – Usually because of how a dog’s ears are shaped, it becomes difficult for them to expel dirt from the ar naturally. A lot of factors like bacteria, parasites, yeast, and wax and end up in your dog’s ear canal. So it becomes extremely important that you frequently get their ears cleaned. This will prevent the accumulation of dirt and can help prevent ear infections that might end up proving to be dire for their health or sometimes even fatal 

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