7 Tips to build friendship between your dog and cat

Are dogs and cats enemies from birth? How much truth is there to this statement? It is true that the two animals are very different from one another and see each other as prey. But, they certainly can get along. You must have seen those “oh so cute” videos of canines and felines cuddling together. Keep your hopes up; you can have that kind of love too in your home. Keep reading to know how to build a friendship between dog and cat. 

  1. Allow interaction under your supervision only </strong >

This applies for the initial few weeks when your cat and dog have met. There are chances that the two may get aggressive and hurt one another. So, to avoid that make sure that you are around when they come face to face. 

  1. Swap scents 

Unlike humans, who use vision to understand our environment, most animals like cats and dogs use their smell and sight. Therefore, it is essential for both your cat and dog to catch on to each other’s scents and accept them before further interaction. There are many easy ways through which you can facilitate this, such as by swapping their bedding. You could also rub a towel or toy on one’s bed and keep it on the other’s; hopefully, these tricks will help your cat and dog get accustomed to each other’s scents. 

  1. Don’t hold your cat back 

Most often, cats tend to run off on initial encounters with dogs. This means that they are not ready for the interaction. It is essential to let your cat go and give them enough time in situations like these, as forcing interaction between the two can lead to adverse and rather aggressive outcomes. 

  1. Most important step while building friendship between dog and cat – Keep it going, but keep it slow

As both a cat and dog parent, it’s crucial to keep trying small ways to improve your dog and cat relationship. However, don’t go too fast. Your friend’s cat and dog may have been inseparable since the second they met, but this may not hold for your pets. Learn that it may take time for them to share a good relationship and for that, you must be patient. Eventually, the situation will be better; it is just a matter of time. 

  1. Obedience training 

No offence to your pup, but in almost every negative cat and dog encounter, the latter is the one to cause the problem. This is simply because of their greater prey instinct. This behaviour must not be encouraged and your dog must comprehend that you don’t find it very cute. Obedience training is a must in cases like these for them to distinguish between unacceptable and acceptable behaviour. 

Whether you have a cat at home or not, teaching your dog basic obedience commands such as sit, stand, down, etc., makes it easier for you to handle them. No one likes an unruly dog; however cute they may be, click here to book your pet trainer today! PawSpace connects you with experienced, certified and verified dog trainers who can follow world-class training standards.

  1. Pro tip while try to build friendship between dog and cat – Keep a safe spot for your cat 

As we mentioned earlier, your cat will run away when your dog is around in most cases. So, it is essential for you to keep certain spots empty for them to run into so they would feel unthreatened and safe. They can be tops of refrigerators, the bookshelf or a window perch. Remember that your dog should not be able to access these spots. 

  1. Keep the situation positive and chill

Although your dog very well may be the trouble maker in their encounters with your cat, you must refrain from scolding them all the time. This may lead to your dog thinking that your cat is to blame for the scolding they are getting, leading to unwanted tension. So, to avoid that, keep things upbeat, praise each one when they are showing desirable behaviour and calmly discourage when they show the opposite. 

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