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What should you ensure before getting a dog

Who doesn’t want a cute little puppy dog running around in their house? Or an adorable puppy dog charming all your friends? Yeah, we understand! You want to quickly welcome an absolute cute puppy to your family. So, if you are planning on stepping into the world of dog parenthood, just make sure you are ready for it.

Dogs are famously known for being extremely friendly and kind. They are also known for being easily adjusted and mostly harmless. These qualities make them mostly easy to take care of. However, it becomes extremely important to be educated, patient and responsible when taking on a pet.


  1. Are you ready? – When getting a puppy (or a dog) home, you have to be sure that you are ready for that kind of responsibility. Does your work schedule allow you to have space and time for a dog? Can you give it complete care? Can you afford the expenses that come along with adopting a dog? These are some questions you’ll need to have answers to before getting a dog


  1. Enough space? – Dogs need a lot of space to run around, play and in general, exist. Although with smaller dogs, you might not have a lot of space for them, make sure you have ample free space in addition to pet-friendly furniture and surroundings. If you are planning on getting a big dog breed, then it goes without saying that a good amount of space is very important!


  1. Choosing a breed – When welcoming a dog to your house, you need to ascertain whether:
  • The breed can survive in the weather conditions of your place
  • If the climate is suitable for the breed
  • If you can provide right amount and the right kind of food it requires
  • If you have enough space for the breed’s needs


  1. Attention and love – Dogs are adorable little floofballs but they need as much attention and care that you would give to a human baby. Therefore, it becomes vital for you to give them the attention and love they deserve and never be violent or abusive towards them. On the occasion that you are busy with work or have to go on a vacation, you can check out PawSpace’s pet sitting and pet boarding services!


  1. Get all essentials – Have you puppy-proofed your apartment? Do you have enough food to last for a while? Do you have the right kind of toys? These are just a few of the many questions you need to be asking yourself before getting yourself a dog. Meeting their every need becomes extremely important and if your household is lacking in even one of the essential commodities, you might have to rethink your decision to get a dog home. 


  1. Choosing the right kind of food – Dogs are largely carnivores but are also omnivores. For puppies, it is okay to keep them entirely on a kibble diet. However, there are few things you need to keep in mind with respect to food:
  •  Make sure that you are using human-grade meat
  •  Make sure the food does not contain any kind of preservatives
  •  Follow good food hygiene
  • Buy the right kind of food dispenser and bowl


  1. Contact a vet – Get in contact with a veterinarian, know your options with respect to what dog you can get, what care it might require and the vaccinations that might be needed. After you get a dog, you can also ask a veterinary nutritionist to make a diet chart – this way you can keep track of the dog’s nutrition and ensure the best diet is provided to them. 


As much as you will love having an adorable little best friend for yourself, the responsibility of their well-being will fall on you. It becomes extremely vital as pet parents to provide them with all the essentials and most importantly, with abundance of love and care.

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