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Healthier Food for pups

Healthier Food for pups

When we hear the word pup or puppies, we instantly get a smile on our face, those puppy eyes, that lit-up face, adorable paws, and their cute stature can make anyone happy and cheer them up. These charming and delightful puppies need to be taken care of with extra attention, care, and love. Hence the importance of food in their diet makes it all the more vital to give them the essential nutrients they require. When we talk about puppy food, we quickly relate to baby food. The food that we give our puppies is supposed to be maintained correctly as they might get a liking to it and will continue eating the same food as they grow up. 

Puppy Food

Puppy food can be categorized into raw, cooked, wet, and dry food. The combination of these four is what we give our pets at home. The right amount, proportion, suitability, and nutrition value to the food are important things to look for in their daily diet. 

Let us look at a few categories

Raw Food 

When we say raw food, we directly understand uncooked/flesh meat. Dogs altogether are an omnivorous species. They have developed a palate for meat, and dogs were initially bred to hunt and eat other small animals like rabbits and such. Since we grow dogs at home, they no longer need to hunt and eat other small animals. Giving raw food to your dog such as Muscle meat, raw eggs, apples, broccoli, liver, kidneys, and so on, is vital to their health and well-being but they do come with a few risks as well. Providing them with raw food might have potential benefits of giving them a shinier coat, cleaner teeth, smaller stools, and so on. It is also important to consult a professional veterinarian before giving them raw food. 

Cooked Food

Most pet parents do give their dogs’ cooked food, cooked food is a good diet for your puppies such as soups/broths, chapati, roti, pulses, rice, etc, and adds good carbohydrates and fibre content to their meals. This diet also results in a balanced diet making them healthy and strong.  

Dry Food 

A few experts prescribe giving your dog nutrient and calorie-rich dry foods when required. Foods such as kibbles, dog biscuits, and packaged dog food are a few examples of dry foods you can give your puppy. 

Wet Food

Wet food can help your puppy have good hydration levels and maintain a good ionic/pH balance for your dog as well. Wet foods such as Chicken gravy, and broth/soup can be given and it helps in good bowel movements resulting in better digestion for your puppy. 

Allergy Check 

Most puppies do have some allergic reactions toward certain food items. This includes itching, hot spots, rashes, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc, which causes great discomfort to them. You must realize the symptoms of a particular food item and follow your veterinarian’s advice for the same. Avoiding allergic food is the best way to avoid bad/fatal reactions and discomforts for your puppy/dog. 

Puppy-friendly food items:

Raw eggs, broccoli, spinach, apples, yogurt, muscle meat, ground meat, etc are a few of the easy-to-digest food items for little puppies. Home-cooked food items such as boiled eggs, meat, broths, rice/chapati, etc are the best options to give your little pup at home. These are simple and easy to digest and provide essential vital nutrients to grow and develop beautifully.  

Puppies are vulnerable and prone to every little change they go through. Giving them the right amount of nutrients in their food can help them become stronger, physically fit, and active during their time.  A good well-balanced diet of protein, fibre, and nutrients along with proper hydration and ample physical activities can help them grow healthy, happy, and strong. Dog’s usually stick to the diet they have been eating since they were puppies. So maintaining a diet is a vital factor in their lives.

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