How does socialising your dog benefit you?

  1. Regular social interaction helps curb destructive dog behaviors.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times: A tired dog is a good dog. Though it may be a cliché, it’s also true. But while the exercise of playing with other dogs can tire your pup out (meaning they won’t have the energy to chew your favorite pair of shoes!), that’s not the only way it helps. Getting your dog comfortable with leaving for playdates or daycare helps lessen separation anxiety, which is a common cause of many destructive behaviors.

  1. You’ll appreciate their increased comfort with new places and experiences.

No one likes dragging their dog into the vet’s office or having a pup who barks at the mere sight of another dog on a walk. While socialization might not totally eliminate those habits, the increased confidence and overall ability to enjoy new situations that your dog develops can reduce the severity and frequency of such reactions. When your pup learns to be excited about going somewhere new and develops more comfort around other dogs, it can do wonders for your stress and anxiety levels too!

  1. There’s nothing quite like seeing your dog have fun with their pack.

As we noted earlier, dogs play differently with each other than they do with us. Giving your furry friend an outlet to run, wrestle, chase, and play with other pups allows them to do what dogs do best: be dogs! Even better? Having a regular outlet to play like a dog can make playtime at home nicer too! Dogs with a lot of pent up energy often play a little too hard at home—biting, scratching, or jumping are common examples. Ensuring your canine pal has plenty of chances for dog-on-dog play is a fantastic way to help them release some of that excess energy.

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