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How long can you leave a dog at home

Certainly there are days when you have to go out and can not take your dog along. Also sometimes things do come out suddenly and you have to rush leaving your dog behind. Right? So on one or other day every pet parent has to go through with this thought- how to go out without the dog? Shall we go ahead or not? And if it’s required then how and for how long? How long can you leave a dog at home?


Can you leave a dog alone at home

First let us understand, can we leave a dog alone at home ? Should we do it ? 

Well, yes it depends. We can leave our dog at home but only for a few hours and also be subjected to the concerned pet. Only advisable if your particular dog is okay and trained that way. It comes with proper training by experts where they prepare a dog to stay comfortably at a place without any humans around for a given time.


How to leave a dog alone 

Now if leaving a dog is the only option left then how to do it? How to manage and make it comfortable for your dog as well? The answer surely needs a few of the things to be done beforehand. First, your dog must be trained to live alone in a house without facing any issue. Secondly you should keep enough food and water, switch off electronic devices, close windows’ and balconies’ gates and by installing a camera inside your house solve problems to an extent. Initially we can remotely monitor dog inside house through camera installations and 


Leave a dog alone at home 

When we imagine leaving a dog alone then we tend to get follow up thoughts like what if the dog started panicking, barking or wheezing breathlessly and so on. So we need proper prior consultation and conditioning of the dog. Surely for the first few times it will be difficult for the dog as well. But later on with proper training and management we can make it possible for hours. 

Again informing neighbours and trusted ones about the same is advisable too. Since if it doesn’t work out and the dog starts panicking inside then the nearest one can come and handle the situation in an emergency. 

Dog behaviourists and psychologists recommend all the pet parents that leave your dog alone only if it’s the last option left. 


Welcoming a dog into your house and becoming a pet parent comes with lots of responsibilities. Attending your dog inside the house is one of the things you look for everyday yet can not stop doing as well. After going through no. of case studies and closely observing various dogs in similar situations, Dog behaviourists and psychologists put forward their views as- “You have to have your dog trained first by a trainer for staying alone inside the house. Let it take time and once you get sure about your dog being fine behind your back for certain hours only after you should think of practising it more again.” 

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