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How to avail PawSpace at-home pet grooming services

PawSpace at-home pet grooming services

As a pet parent, especially if you own animals like cats and dogs, you are bound to know the advantages and need for grooming and keep your pet happy and healthy on a daily basis. Pet grooming is a process where the pet is thoroughly washed, cleaned, and all their other outwardly needs (like nail clipping, trimming and drying) are met.

Why is pet grooming required? – 

Like human beings, pets thrive when they are kept healthy and motivated. Pet grooming plays an important role in making sure that your animal’s hygiene is maintained. While regular baths at home (preferably as suggested by your vet) is certainly beneficial, a well-rounded pet grooming session monitored and executed by professionals will certainly benefit your pet way more than you would think it would. There is the added advantage of dog grooming – which is the early detection of any kind of diseases that may be affecting your dog. This can include skin diseases and even ear infections. There is also the factor that through grooming, your pet gets to meet new people and let them handle them in rather intimate ways which positively impacts their ability to socialise and be friendly with new people. Nobody likes a pet that is either smelly or has too many fleas – grooming can make sure that this never happens. 

Why is at-home pet grooming beneficial – 

When it comes to grooming, a lot of dogs and animals get pretty anxious. This is because they are likely to be handled by strangers, and all the body parts are being touched and cleaned by people they are not really familiar with. While it is good to understand their anxieties, as pet parents we also realise that grooming is a non-negotiable part of their lives. 

This is where at-home pet grooming services can greatly benefit you. Especially when you hire seasoned professionals from a trusted company, your job becomes easier multifold. 

When your pet is at the comfort of their home grooming becomes easier for several reasons – 

  1. They know their surroundings so there is no uncertainty or anxiousness about anything new
  2. No sounds of other dogs getting grooming – so no added jitteriness 
  3. No sounds of equipment’s that are being used on other dogs at the grooming space – this might actually cause them a lot of anxiety and increase your troubles as a pet parent when it comes to handling them 
  4. When you get groomers to your home, your pet understands that you trust them (hence they are in your house) and if you trust them, then they might not be that bad after all!
  5. Additionally, you get to pick their place of comfort so they can get groomed in peace
  6. You do not have to endure any car ride that might be taxing on both you and your pet unnecessarily 

How to avail PawSpace at-home pet grooming services – 

At PawSpace we are dedicated to providing the best pet grooming services at the leisure of your doorstep.

There are few simple steps you can follow – 

  1. Visit (or PawSpace’s social media pages and DM us)
  2. At – you get an enquiry form where you can fill the basic details and requirements 
  3. You give your contact details 
  4. You can now sit back and relax; our pet grooming team will contact you at the earliest and confirm your appointment 
  5. Once the appointment is confirmed, you can expect our groomers at your doorstep (with the necessary equipment) at the agreed time and date!


The best part? You can choose the type of grooming your pet needs from our packages and only pay for the package that you think is the most suitable for your pet! We will also ensure that the pet grooming process is as noiseless and comfortable as possible for your pet.

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