How to handle your dog while Pet grooming in home?

Pet grooming in home

Pet grooming as a profession can be quite rewarding – you get to spend time with pets, you get to groom their appearance and the most important of all, you get to make sure that they are healthy and happy at regular intervals. When pet parents bring their dogs to you, they show an immense amount of trust in your abilities as a dog groomer. It becomes your responsibility to ensure that the dog is taken care of in the best way and the parents get the results they are looking for. It also becomes important to know how to gauge what kind of grooming the dog might need. As much as pet parents are aware about their own dog and its breed requirements, there can be a lot of cases where misjudgements can be made. In these cases, it becomes vital that the groomer knows their job and recommends the best kind of grooming for the dog’s continued health and well-being. It is always more fun and relaxed when the it is dog grooming at home. This actually enables the dog to be relaxed beforehand thereby making the process of grooming much simpler for everyone involved. There are many other ways that a dog grooming session can be made much easier in some situations – 


Compassion – As a dog groomer, the first and foremost requirement is compassion. Since you will be dealing with a lot of dogs on a daily basis, it might end up being routine job for you. However, it is important to remember that for the dog (and the pet parent), this is a relatively periodic experience (and for some this might be their first time) and you have got to be compassionate about the dog’s preferences and triggers.


Alleviating anxiety – As a dog groomer, it is always good if you research on the things that might trigger the dog. It is also best if you can remove the source of their anxiety so they can have a seamless and happy grooming experience. These can be even small things like making sure that the possible sudden sources of noise (loud baby toys, pressure cooker etc) are kept away, or taking away the other dogs barking around.


Not seeing each other – If you are grooming multiple dogs at a time, ensure that they cannot see each other. Often times, seeing each other might cause them more agitation than necessary. They might also end up mistaking the grooming session for a playtime and make your job harder for you. 


Muzzles – Although this idea is constantly debatable, it sometimes becomes the easiest way to control an animal’s natural urges. They might mistake you for someone who there to play with them or in the worst case scenarios they might mistake you for someone who is here to hurt them. This might naturally make them want to ward you off by biting you. However, they might end up in an weird dilemma of not udnertanding if it is okay to hurt you, this especially happens if you are dealing with well-trained dogs. To avoid all this confusion, putting a muzzle on them can solve the problem by sending them a clear message on what is a no-no in these sessions. It is however important for you to make sure that the pet parent(s) are onboard with this idea especially when it dog grooming at home.  

Encourage the right feelings – Make sure that you do not make the dog think that grooming sessions are something they have to dread. Let them play around, be friendly with them and make them understand eventually that the purpose of this their own cleanliness and well-being. Eventually, they might even start looking forward to the sessions and making the most of the dog grooming at home!

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