Ideal qualities to look for in a pet sitter

They adore pets! 

Top-notch pet sitters love animals. They might not be pet owners themselves because their children or partner has allergies, but they adore pets. It’s easy to recognize a pet lover because their entire demeanor lights up when they’re around animals. They aren’t faking their joy.


They know a lot about pet breeds

Top-notch pet sitters are educated. They know about different pet breeds, their specific physical needs and their nutritional needs. They are aware of animal resources in your community such as vet clinics, pet stores, pet-friendly parks, etc. They are knowledgeable about different threats to your pet and know how to prepare. They are also up-to-date on pet trends and new discoveries in pet care.


They possess great communication skills 

As a pet parent, you want to know how your pet is doing especially if you have to be away for long stretches of time. The best pet sitters are the ones who put your heart at ease by communicating with you frequently when they are watching your pet. They might text photos of your pet to you during the day to let you know that they just finished a walk with your pet or even call you, so your pet can hear your voice on the phone.


At PawSpace, we believe in bridging the gap between you and your pet even when you are away from them. For the same reason, our pet sitters love to show off your pet’s cute pictures and videos to you through text! Click here to find your perfect PawSpace pet sitter. 


They can bond with your pet 

Lastly, top-notch pet sitters have a presence that pets are drawn to. They are able to put your pet at ease. Your pet should have a positive chemistry with the pet sitter you choose, which is why it’s important to interview pet sitters before you hire them. Let them meet your pet. Watch their interaction.

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