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Is Professional Cat Grooming Worth It?

Professional Cat Grooming

Most cat owners know that cats can take care of themselves – for the most part. Cats are known for grooming themselves and regularly cleaning their fur, but even the most meticulous cats can only do so much.

Cat grooming, such as brushing and combing their fur, bathing, cleaning their ears and teeth, and trimming their nails, cannot all be done by the cat itself. The benefits of grooming or getting your cats groomed are plenty. These include a healthier coat of fur, elimination of odour and unpleasant smells, combing out matted fur, and so on. 

A lot of cats can be pretty fidgety, restless, and anxious when their pet owners try and clean them up. They may toss and turn, meow really loud, or even start scratching anyone that tries to clean them. That’s when you require professional cat grooming by someone who is trained and well-versed in dealing with all sorts of cats and cat hygiene. 

If you have a tough time cleaning your cat, it may be a sign for you to take your cat to a professional groomer.

The Best Services for Pet Grooming Bangalore

PawSpace provides pet grooming services from some of the best cat experts who have the right skills and patience to give your pets the best spa experience they’ve ever had. PawSpace has built a large ecosystem of certified and validated pet care service providers who have been screened to meet the highest quality requirements for your pet.


Why take your Cat to a Professional Groomer?

1. Helps deal with severely matted fur

In an ideal scenario, you should be brushing or combing your cat as often as possible. Short-haired cats require weekly brushing, while longer-haired cats require brushing and combing at least once a day. Of course, that is the ideal scenario. Many cat owners struggle to find the time to comb through their cat’s hair, and it can lead to the cat’s fur becoming severely matted.

Professional cat groomers take the time to go above and beyond standard brushing. They remove matted fur and knots and provide long-haired cats, like Persian cats who require more upkeep, a good haircut. They can help cut and brush your pet’s coat at the appropriate length, making it sleek and velvety. 

2. Handles anxious cats

Not all cats enjoy being touched or handled by humans. Cat grooming can become a very difficult task if the cat has a flighty temperament and doesn’t like being tended to Bathing, brushing, or even cutting the nails of an anxious cat is a chore that you may feel too nervous about attempting.

The good thing is professional groomers are trained to put all cats at ease while cleaning them. Mental health is as important as physical health and grooming your cat regularly helps them learn how to relax.  

3. Improved health and hygiene

Even if you can bathe your cat on your own, this does not ensure that your kitty will be completely and properly clean. Professional pet grooming can enhance your cat’s overall hygiene.

Cat Groomers are appropriately educated on everything about pets so they can ensure your cat’s optimal hygiene every session. Your cat’s eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and other essential body parts will be scrutinised by the groomer, and thoroughly and gently cleaned. Good pet hygiene is essential in your house to prevent it from transmitting infections or contracting more severe diseases or illnesses.

4. Prevention of diseases and infections

The lengthy hair on your cat’s ears and eyes can collect liquid and dirt and serve as a breeding ground for disease-causing germs. As a result, it is critical that your cat has regular cat grooming from a reputable groomer.

If the fur on their backside becomes unkempt, it can trap remains from their litter box, which can also lead to infections and diseases. It doesn’t help that this is one of the more difficult places to clean up, and your cat probably won’t appreciate your attempts to handle them under such circumstances.

This is where professional cat groomers can come in and help clean up all the tough spots on your pet.


If you’re still worried about how to properly groom your cat, give a call to PawSpace!

They provide certified carers and cage-free environments for the best cat grooming experience for your cats. Their priority is to give personalised care to the individual needs of each pet they work with. 

PawSpace maintains excellent hygiene for your kitty with the help of their quality pet grooming Bangalore services that deliver consistently.

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