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A Day in the Life of an Animal Groomer at the Dog Spa

While it’s not the most adventurous job out there, animal grooming can be such an exciting profession. Animal groomers not only get to be around animals all day and spruce them up to look their best but they also get to give every animal the love and care that they need. That’s what makes the job so rewarding!

Don’t be mistaken though, because while it’s super fun and exciting to be an animal groomer, it also comes with many challenges. Being an animal groomer is a lot of work. Each pet groomer gets to work on different types of animals throughout their profession, right from the young and feisty to the elderly and slow animals.

They work with animals of all shapes, sizes, breeds, habits, and temperaments. Every animal is unique! This is also what makes every day as an animal groomer just as exciting and fresh as the last one.

So, if you’re curious about what it’s like to work in a dog spa, let us tell you all about a day in the life of an animal groomer at the dog spa in Bangalore!

1. Schedule of the Day

First things first, it is super important for an animal groomer to keep their schedule in check at the start of the day and keep an eye out on what kinds of appointments they have. Rule of thumb: organisation is key!

While it helps to memorise the schedule for the day, the biggest reason an animal groomer needs to take a look at is, so that they can anticipate the kind of customers they’ll be visited by. This brings us to the next big step.

2. A Day’s Worth of Prep

Once the animal groomer consults their schedule, they can figure out how much preparation they need for the day ahead.

This can be keeping the dog spa grooming space neat and tidy, cleaning up and arranging all the necessary tools and equipment, keeping the required shampoos and conditioners ready for the clients they’ll be seeing that day, and keeping out bowls of water and other little goodies that might help keep the animals engaged and cooperative.

3. The First Furry Friend

The moment everything is set and ready to go, the animal groomer is prepared to greet their first little client.

Hold your horses though… Before the groomer can get started on taking care of their pet customer, they have a brief discussion with the owner about what exactly they expect from the spa session, any tips on how to handle the pet, and important facts they must know about their pet (allergies, sensitive spots, or any peeves in general), and when they can expect the session to be over.

Right before the groomer gets to work on the pet, they also spend a few minutes getting acquainted with the animal, letting them sniff their hands and legs, walk around them, and even letting them decide whether or not they can be petted!

It is of the utmost importance that the animal is just as comfortable with the groomer as the groomer is with the animal.

4. A Cut, a Wash, a Style!

This is the part that is the most exciting: the spa!

The animal groomer begins with a cut or a trim (if required by the client). Once that’s done, they get a pleasant, thorough, and calming wash with the right shampoos for the right fur, the right conditioners for that extra smooth finish, and then the drying out.

Gradually, over the course of the dog spa session, the animal groomer proceeds to tick every box on the checklist. Once every part of the spa is completed, the animals get a quick styling and they’re well on their way to being the cutest pet in town!

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