Pawpedia: All you need to know for German Shepherds

Yeah! We are going to talk about the adorable wolf-like creatures that always manage to steal our hearts. German Shepherds are wildly popular breeds who are known for their majestic, athletic looks and happy demeanor. They are also extremely energetic and are always up for exercise and games. German Shepherds are also called “Alsatian wolf dogs” or more popularly, simply “Alsatians”. They may not look like they are among the obedient species of dogs, but they are quite easily trainable in addition to being among the extremely loving and strong dog species. 


  • History and Origin: 

As the name suggests, the dog originated from Germany. It was derived after breeding for several years to arrive at the right kind of sheepdog (hence the name “shepherd”). Infact, “Phylax society”, a committee formed to standardize native german dog breeds was responsible for its creation. The first German Shepherd (to be declared as such) that entered in the registry was in 1893 and was originally named Hektor Linksrhein (later named Horand Von Grafrath by its new owner). Due to its intelligence and trainability, it was widely used as a guard dog in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. It grew widely popular in the UK and US once it was introduced, however, it also earned a reputation of being a dangerous dog species due to the fact that people who mostly owned them were bootleggers, people in the military and gangsters.


  • Description: 

German Shepherds are either tan-black or reddish-black dogs that are medium to large sized. They are long dogs (meaning, their bodies are longer than they are taller) with double coats which usually have medium to long hair length for the fur. Their eyes are brown and they have foreheads that are dome-shaped, very strong jaws and black nose.


  • Average weight: 

                  Males: 30 to 40 kgs

                  Females: 22 to 33 kgs


  • Average size:

      Females: 55 to 60 inches

      Males: 60 to 65 inches 


  • Average lifespan: 9 to 13 years 

However, the longest living german shepherd is known to have lived for over 18 years. Just like humans, the healthier food they eat and the more exercise they do, the longer their life span is. German Shepherds enjoy going out and staying active so making them exercise will not be the hardest.


  • Activity: German Shepherds are extremely athletic and love their playtime. They cherish their exercise time and always want to stay active and on their toes. It is also very important for their health and temperament that they are kept active regularly. Due to their athletic nature, German Shepherds will love it if they are given some hard training and physical activity to do on a regular basis. 

  • Temperament: German Shepherds are intelligent dogs which means that they are quite aloof and curious with strangers. They are known for being fiercely loyal, watchful and courageous in addition to being obedient and easy to train. They do have aggressive behavioral tendencies and sometimes can be hard to subdue due to their strength, but if they are properly trained from the get-go, they are one of the most adorable dogs to have. 

  • Vocalness: Sometimes, they can be quite loud and vocal with their barking due to their primal, instinctual tendencies, however, they can be trained to not bark on command.

  • Shedding and grooming: German Shepherds are aggressive shedders and will keep shedding a lot of their fur. They also lose all of their undercoat twice a year. However, consistent and regular grooming can help them stay clean, healthy and smart-looking.

  • Training: German Shepherds can handle hardcore training including agility training. They are intelligent, quick, learn and follow commands promptly.

  • Breed derived from: French Berger Picard, Bergamasco Shepherd, Cane Paratore, Lupino del Gigante, Pastore d’Oropa, and the Pastore della Lessinia e del Lagorai


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