Pet Sitter or Boarding Services: Choosing the Right One for Your Pet

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  • Leaving your pet alone at home for a while can be stressful for a pet parent. Along with the endless list of things to prepare for travel, you must ensure your pet is safe and looked after. Pet care services are common enough, but quality pet boarding services in HSR can be tricky to come across.
  • With all the options for pet services available, how do you know which is the right one for you? Read on for an overview of picking between pet sitting and pet boarding in HSR.

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Benefits of Pet Boarding Services

How Old Is Your Pet?

The pet’s age is an integral factor in choosing between a sitter or a boarding service. For younger pets, boarding services are a better choice, thanks to the physical and mental stimulation these settings offer. At pet boardings, they also get to play and exercise with other pets.
On the other hand, older pets find new environments anxiety-inducing. When you leave, introducing the pet to an unfamiliar setting, there is a chance for them to become depressed. A trusty sitter who takes care of the pet’s needs in an environment familiar to the pet is the best choice.

How Often Do You Travel?

Your preference between sitters and boarders can vary based on how often you need help caring for your pet. If you are someone who needs to leave your pet in the care of others regularly, hiring a pet sitter can be the better choice. Packing your pet off to boarding at different intervals does not help their mental health. Being familiar with a sitter ensures that your pet stays happy and well-cared for in your absence.

Setting Expectations

Before looking for pet boarding services in HSR, you need to set your expectations. If you are looking for regular updates, maintaining the usual schedule, or grooming the pet, let the caretaker know before hiring. While sitters can accommodate most of your requests, boarding services have a limit on individual attention devoted to each pet. Whether you ask a family member to watch your pet or choose a pet boarding in HSR, the goal is to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. Once you notify the caretaker about the pet’s habits and your expectations, your pet will be in safe hands. PawSpace is a trusted pet care service in Bangalore that will treat your four-legged friends like royalty.
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