How to Choose the Ideal Pet Boarding Facility for Your Dog or Cat

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  • Leaving your pet for a day or two can be a matter of unparalleled discomfort, and the root of the problem has everything to do with trust.
  • We all have seen social media videos exposing many pet boarding service providers as unfit and unethical. So, what are the features that define good pet boarding in Koramangala? Read on to know more!

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Checklist When Hunting for the Best Pet Boarding in Koramangala

What Does Your Pet Prefer?

Pet owners know that all pets are not alike, and each pet comes with its own set of behavioural characteristics. The ruckus of social media has enabled a false premonition that a boarding facility is perfect for all dogs without the due consideration of every dog’s spectrum of behaviour and aptitude. For example, while a kennel is the ideal temporary habitation option for an aggressive dog, a home boarding option is perfect for a claustrophobic dog.

How Does Your Pet Behave When Paired?

Your furry buddies must be fearless and friendly with other dogs. If your dog has never been in contact with other dogs, ask the administration to provide a safe space to see how your dog behaves. Pet boarding services in Koramangala have options wherein you can choose your dog to stay idle or group them with other dogs.

Ask for Their Pet Vaccination Policy

The administration of these facilities must adhere strictly to their vaccination policy. All living beings are vulnerable to disease-causing agents like viruses, bacteria, etc. Having a pet facility means all the dogs there must have updated vaccine certificates. If not, there is no place for negotiation, and it is a strong red flag for you and your pet.

In a Nutshell

Your pets miss you when you are away. Some pets completely shut down for some time, while others manifest their emotion through their appetite for food. So, here’s what you need to look out for in any pet boarding services in Koramangala: they must conduct agility exercises or have enough time to play and mentally stimulate your pet from time to time. Providing food and keeping a strict time routine to provide medicines for pets with special needs are fundamental aspects that any facility must cover. Choose PawSpace today, and you and your pet can be stress-free. Reach out through a phone call or an email, or visit us to learn more about our services.

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