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Get professionals for safe, affordable, convenient pet relocation.

  • If you need to travel or work very long hours, you don’t have to be worried about leaving your pet alone at home. Pawspace’s pet boarding services can assist you in getting out of this dilemma.
  • While you are away on vacation, your four-legged companions will be having their holiday, where they can unwind and relax.
  • We at Pawspace are all pet lovers ourselves, so we know how distressing it can be to think about where your pet will reside when you have to travel out of town for work or leisure.
  • Finding a reputable pet boarding home in Bangalore might be a challenging task.
  • This is where Pawspace can make your life easier by assisting you in finding and connecting with the best pet boarders in the city – who will be ecstatic to treat your pet in their getaway!

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Why Choose Pawspace?

In addition to the fact that your pet will be in an environment similar to that which you provide at home, they will receive plenty of cuddles and attention from our pet boarders.

Furthermore, our pet boarders in Bangalore are quite adaptable and would gladly adhere to any routines, special instructions, or requirements that your pet may require. 

This is critical for your fur babies because they may be apprehensive about being away from home, however, providing them with a routine and a familiar environment (such as another home in Bangalore) can make the pet boarding Bangalore experience a happy one for everyone involved.

Our Pawspace boarders come from a wide variety of different backgrounds, and many of them are also working professionals in the pet care sector.

We have a diverse group of pet boarders, ranging from veterinarians and nurses to dog trainers and rescue volunteers. Given the diverse skill sets available, you are certain to find a sitter who will be able to satisfy your pet’s requirements.

Benefits for Your Pets

If your pet is a lazy slob who prefers to stay indoors all day, our pet boarder will be delighted to provide them with endless belly massages throughout their stay.

For pets who prefer to be more active, such as those who like to go for daily walks and chase a ball, our pet sitter can suit their needs as well. Consider Pawspace’s pet boarding in Bangalore services as an opportunity for your pet to go on their vacation.

Benefits for You

Pawspace charges a very reasonable price that includes daily updates, limitless cuddles and fun. This means that you won’t have to be concerned about the cost or about paying more for those added services. In comparison to other pet boarding Bangalore, where you may be charged extra for each request, our pet boarding services are a much more affordable option.

Additionally, you can relax while on your vacation because all pet boarding reservations made with Pawspace are covered by our premium insurance and our customer support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

When you choose Pawspace for pet boarding in Bangalore, you can be sure your pet will be loved and cared for. Our Pawstars are equipped and prepared to handle any circumstance that may happen during pet boarding.

Every pet boarding service on our list is strictly verified by us to provide the best environment for your fur babies. We run various background checks before onboarding anyone. Additionally, there is 24/7 customer support to assure your pet is in safe hands. 

The cost of pet boarding is determined by a number of criteria, including the type of animal, breed, size, nutritional requirements, medical issues, and other considerations, among others. It may be as much as 500 to 800 per day in the case of larger breeds with specific requirements.

If your pet is friendly, potty-trained and remains calm then pet boarding might just be the thing you should be looking for your pets when out of town.

We accept all kinds of animals such as dogs, cats, pigs and many more. However, certain animals such as snakes or other reptilians are prohibited from being boarded at Pawspace.

Choose from a pool of certified, trusted, local, affordable pet care service providers for all your pet care needs​

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