The Steps Pet Grooming Services in RR Nagar Follow to Dry Your Doggie’s Fur

Do you have a pet? Then you can relate to what I’m going to say.

  • Fur drying can be a frightening experience if not done right the first time. Pet grooming services in RR Nagar offer one of the best facilities to allow an enjoyable experience for your pets. See how.

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Steps to groom a dog

Choose a Committed and Appropriate Place

Decide on a single place to get your dog bathed and dried. Switching places can cause your dog to get scared because of the unfamiliarity. It’s best to stick to the facility and personnel they are used to. Also, if you are present during the session, do not sit too close or too far away from your dog. Choose a spot from which you can comfort him without inconveniencing the groomers.

The Introduction is Key

Introduce your pet to noisy experiences with patience. Do not scold or praise them while they are unsettled, as the former will simply tell them that their feelings are not considered, and the latter will tell them that their fear is okay when it’s not.

Always Have Treats

Every drying or bathing session should include high-value treats. Treats can sweeten the experience of bathing for a pet. Experts in pet grooming in RR Nagar use verbal praise to motivate pets during their grooming sessions as they do not know what treats are alright for their client’s pets.

Temperature Check

If your pet is new to dog drying, starting with a cool temperature setting is best. You do not want to terrorise your pet with unnatural temperature settings. You neither want to give them the shivers nor burn their skin.

Pay Attention!

If you are drying your pet at home, run your hand through their fur to make sure that they have zero burns. Professionals conducting pet grooming in RR Nagar suggest that you cover your pet’s ears and eyes if they are not yet accustomed to the dryer and do not know how to stay still. This is because the dryer might eliminate the moisture in these orifices.

Final Thoughts

The loud noise from a dryer can scare anyone, and your pup is no different. If your dog gets cold easily after a bath or you just prefer having them dried up quicker rather than later, a dryer is your choice. For a hassle-free bathing and drying session, approach PawSpace, one of the best pet grooming services in RR Nagar.


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