Your Pet’s well-being is our Goal

Worried about your pet’s health? Are you facing a challenge in understanding and maintaining your pets routine diet? Is your pet a puppy or elderly pet? Over weight pet or facing some medical issues? 

PawSpace is committed to help pet parents help their pets look and feel absolutely best. We are here to guide you through the complete process of what nutritional changes are important for your pets over their overall well being and lead and long healthy life.

Why is pet nutrition important?

Ensuring your pet has the right nutrition helps with the pet’s –

Quality of life

Longevity of life

Healthy and happy existence

To keep your pets’ joints and bones healthy, protecting from joint problems like arthritis

Boost in immune system

Just like us, every pet has their own nutritional needs that if met, will ensure that they live life as their healthiest self. If a pet is healthy, it almost always means they are happy too. 

Why is pet nutrition important?

For pets to live a long and healthy life with an active lifestyle, they should be correctly supplemented with the right kind of food. There are experts who can tell you exactly what your specific pet needs because although sometimes there might be large similarities in terms of nutrition requirements breed-wise, every pet is unique in terms of their bodily functions and the subsequent needs. Every pet deserves to have their individual nutrition needs met perfectly and consistently.

That’s where we come in! Pawspace aims to reach all the loving pet parents and provide them with the means to give their pets the most healthy lifestyle!

What you need to do -

Click to fill a simple form to create an enquiry for your pet’s nutrition.

Once you have submitted the form- the customer care team will contact you and explain the complete process of engagement. Post which you can proceed to pay for the consultation via a payment link shared with you.

Post the call - you would be receiving an email from our end which will have the pet consultation form. This needs to be filled out in a very clear and detailed manner. Take your time and measure the items properly and fill it in.

After submission of the consultation form, you will receive your email diet chart within 4 working days (Monday to Friday are working days)

After you have received the report, you will have upto 7 days to contact us with any questions, clarifications and requirements that you may have after going through the diet chart thoroughly. You may reply to the same email or forward your queries Via WhatsApp.

Manssi Vedhya Karambelkar


Canine Nutrition Diploma – British College of Canine Studies

Study with Bharcs canine essential 101

Nutritional Natural healing

Bharcs Canine Essentials 101

Member of the International Companion Animal Network (ICAN)

About our Canine Nutritionist

She has worked with over 3000 dogs in the course of her career spanning 7 years.

In her own words, “I have always loved and grown up around animals and when my own dog got sick and I was able to get her holistic help and nutritionally heal her, I realized that this is something I want to do for dogs. What I love most is to turn around the health of a dog with good food and good ingredients”


Typically, just like it is with humans, diet changes take some time to see positive visible effects on the overall well-being of your dog. However, you can be rest assured that internally, they are helping your dog become healthier.

Sometimes, if your dog has to drastically change from their current diet to fit into the requirements of the prescribed diet chart, then there might be some difficulties in trying to make them accept it. Especially if the change is huge. However, it is important to remember that this is beneficial for them in the long run so you have to persevere through their tantrums.

Our canine nutritionist Manssi, holds expertise in this area with an experience of 7 years with professional specialization in canine nutrition. Additionally they have worked with several canines and ensured a better lifestyle for them.

  • You will be given a window of 7 days from the date the diet chart is emailed to you. You may go through the particulars thoroughly and raise any questions and clarifications with the nutritionist within that 7 day period. 

t is natural for a pet parent to be apprehensive about the food you feed your pet especially if it is a drastic change from the usual. This is why, after you receive the diet chart, you are encouraged to research the particulars if necessary and get back with any questions regarding the same if they arise.

Pet nutrition is long known to ensure that your dog lives a healthy life. Not only is following a well-researched diet chart useful for your dog during the present, it will also ensure that you are giving them an opportunity for a long and healthy life. 

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