Safe and Comfortable Cab for Your Furry Friend in Bangalore

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Safe and Comfortable Cab for Your Furry Friend in Bangalore

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How Pet Cab Services Work With Pawspace?

At Pawspace, our pet cab services in Bangalore aim to simplify and ease pet transportation for you. Our booking process is hassle-free, and our trained drivers ensure that your furry companion reaches their destination comfortably and securely.

We prioritize your pet’s well-being and provide pet-friendly vehicles to ensure a stress-free ride. With Pawspace’s trusted pet cab Bangalore service, you can have peace of mind during the transportation process. Book now and experience the convenience and reliability of our services

Why Choose PawSpace for Pet Cab in Bangalore?

Choosing the right pet cab service in Bangalore is crucial for your furry friend’s safety and comfort during transportation. At Pawspace, we prioritize your pet’s well-being and provide reliable and safe pet cab services. Our spacious and pet-friendly vehicles trained drivers, and focus on safety and comfort set us apart.


We understand that pets are family members, and we treat them as such. With our trustworthy services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furry companion is in good hands. Book with Pawspace for a stress-free pet cab in Bangalore. Experience the difference today!

Have a special request or concerns, just call us with your requirements!

Pet Cab Pricing

Upto 8 Kms

  • **includes driver, handler, fuel, and car sanitization charges**

8-15 Kms

  • **includes driver, handler, fuel, and car sanitization charges**

15-20 Kms

  • **includes driver, handler, fuel, and car sanitization charges**

**includes driver, handler, fuel, and car sanitization charges**

Why Customers Rely on us for Pet Cab Services in Bangalore

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Sowmya UdupaSowmya Udupa
15:50 14 Feb 24
Kishan , sashi and Kaushik were excellent. My dog is an anxious one. , but they were so gentle, that she was very comfortable. The services were done so well. Very very good . Happy with both
Ajay DasarathaAjay Dasaratha
14:34 14 Feb 24
Kishana was very supporting and excellent with the pet.
Harish GowdaHarish Gowda
14:25 14 Feb 24
Very good pet grooming by paw spaceThey were friendly with petKishan handled pet very well
M C EnterprisesM C Enterprises
14:14 14 Feb 24
Wonderful experience getting my pet groom with pawspace kishan….he was very friendly n handled my pet tooo nicely…..surely best
anonymous useranonymous user
11:55 14 Feb 24
We had lost our 12 year old golden retriever and came across paw space. They helped with the cremation and also plantation of the ashes. The experience was wonderful and the Mr Mahesh and Mr Pramod who were incharge handled ir seemlessly and made it very memorable but letting us keep our beloved pet for ever as a bonsai tree. Thank you Paw space. Grateful.
Apoorva KulkarniApoorva Kulkarni
08:19 19 Dec 23
I tried the Pawspace pet taxi service with my foster puppy , Rocket . And it was an excellent experience . The cab arrived on time , the driver was very professional and comfortable with the dog . The cab was well sanitised and fresh .I’d highly recommend Pawspace , if you are looking for a stress free and convenient option to travel with your pets . As we know its quite challenging getting a regular cab with your pet . You are often rejected , not welcomed and the driver might not be comfortable around a pet at all. Which is risky to everyone travelling.
Poonam PaiPoonam Pai
03:16 13 Dec 23
We read about PawSpace during a random Google search for Home Delivery of Special dog food and at home Grooming services for our Boxer - Pluto. Boxers are very sensitive breeds, be it food or people. PawSpace is offering different food recipes as per our requirement with different ingredients. The Grooming sessions too are a delightful experience, be it the way our boy is taken care and given a royal treatment by Kishan and team or the quality of products used. Everyone is so friendly and accomodating. They understand and respect our needs and give a quality service which is completely worth it.
Nivedita ChatterjiNivedita Chatterji
03:58 24 Sep 23
Excellent service by Pawspace. I had an emergency and needed pet sitting services urgently for my 2 dogs at home. They were very prompt and quick in arranging the sitter. Sumanth was very good and caring with both my dogs and got along very well. He was accommodating and was quite patient and looked after the dogs very well at my home. He was alone with the dogs for more than two weeks and is very trustworthy. Would recommend Pawspace to anyone who would like quick and good service for their pets.
Aishwarya MeshramAishwarya Meshram
11:34 15 Sep 23
I left my puppy in pet boarding service for 40 days and was really happy with the overall experience. My puppy made lots of new friends and the regular video updates and video call all showed he was really enjoying his time. The trainer was excellent and understood all his behaviour issues and helped me understand my puppy as well that help me bond with my puppy better. Will always consider this as my go to place whenever I need boarding for my pup etc. The caretakers (Biswajit and others) are exceptionally amazing at handling the pets. The complimentary grooming is also an amazing option. Thank you so much PawSpace for looking after my pup with so much love and care.
Divya ArasuDivya Arasu
21:26 14 Sep 23
This was my first experience with Pawspace, and it went well - special thanks to Biswa (caretaker), who did his service very well. I left my 1+-year-old Lab baby here for 26 days, and she was happy with the overall experience. My Lab baby made many new friends, and the regular video updates & video calls all showed. Sometimes with Photos, too. She enjoyed her great time & was happy with the services given by the team.I will always consider this my go-to place whenever I need boarding for my Lab baby. The caretakers are exceptionally excellent at handling the pets & given a complimentary grooming facility as well.Thank you so much, Pawspace, for looking after my Lab baby with so much love & care.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We offer a transportation service that provides safe and comfortable transportation for pets. It is designed to help pet parents transport their pets to various destinations, such as vet appointments, grooming appointments, boarding places, or to a new home or drop at the airport.

We are capable of transporting a variety of pets including cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and hamsters. However, for cats, birds, rabbits, and hamsters, a crate arrangement would be necessary.

Yes, our Pet Cab services are designed to provide safe and comfortable transportation for pets.
We offer secure and sanitized crates and handlers for the smooth journey of pets.

Booking a pet Cab service is usually possible through online or phone reservations, but all bookings must be made in advance. It’s important to provide your pet’s details such as their size and any special requirements they may have.

The cost of the pet Cab service varies depending on factors such as distance traveled, pet size, and the level of service provided.


When using our service, you should expect your pet to be transported safely and comfortably to its destination. We will provide updates on the progress of the journey and will ensure your pet is delivered to the correct location.

To prepare your pet for their ride in a pet Cab, make sure they are well-fed and have access to water before the journey. Provide any necessary medications or special food your pet may require. Finally, make sure your pet is secure in its crate or carrier before the journey begins.

Yes, we offer both Incity and outstation transportation.

Yes, we do allow max 2 pet parents to accompany the pets in special cases. Additionally, it’s important to note that there may be certain rules and regulations that pet owners must follow when traveling with their pets in a pet Cab, such as using a safety harness or crate for their pet.

We permit a maximum of two pets to travel together at once. If you wish to travel with more than two pets, please contact us for further assistance.

The rates for availing of the Cab service may vary depending on factors such as the distance of travel, the type of vehicle required, and any additional services requested. It’s best to contact us directly to inquire about the rates and any special offers or discounts that may be available. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the charges and help you choose the most suitable option for your needs and budget

Yes, it is possible to register your vehicles for offering pet Cab services on PawSpace. You will need to create an account on PawSpace and follow the steps for registering your vehicle as a service provider. This will include providing details about your vehicle, such as its make and model, as well as your personal and business information. Once your registration is approved, you will be able to start offering pet Cab services through PawSpace and connect with pet owners who require transportation for their pets.


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