PawSpace recommends: Top 7 things to get for your new dog

Getting a puppy or a dog to your home can be super exciting. You newly become pet parents and become ready to take on the new challenges of dog care that come with it. Parenting of any form can prove to be a different kind of experience to go through.

As new and exciting as it can feel to start parenting a dog and ensuring the dog’s care, it is a huge responsibility to take on. They need constant care, attention and like any human child, will need things to make sure that they are happy and their needs are being met. Which is why, when you newly become a pet parent, you might have to get them a few things to ensure that the process is easier for you and they are completely comfortable with their needs met

Here are some suggestions from PawSpace about things you might have to/ want to get for you dog when you bring them home 

  1. Food – Yes, this might sound like the most obvious thing to get your dog, however, it is important to choose the right kind of food for your dog. According to the breed, size and age of the dog you are getting, you might have to work out their nutritional needs properly and then make the right choices. You may also have to figure out the kind of foods you can make at home that can satisfy your dog’s needs – foods like chicken, lean beef, rice and peas may help in fulfilling the nutritional needs of the dog. You can also consider in investing in some vitamin and mineral supplements (although you need to be extremely careful about the credibility and authenticity of the supplements you are buying)
  2. Food and water bowls – You need to get separate bowls for food and water needs of your dog. Stainless steel bowls are recommended as it is easy to clean on a regular basis. You should also ideally invest in an airtight food dispensers (to prevent bugs and mice eating the supplies) 
  3. Collar and leash – An appropriate sized collar is a must for your dog and it is best if you can make sure an ID and your number is attached to it. It is best to buy the ones that have sturdy rings that can be attached to the leash and have a provision to attach dog tags. Buy a leash that is decently long (3 feet to 5 feet is the ideal length depending of the size and breed of the dog) – the leash should be long enough for them to be able to freely move around even with the leash but also should  be just the right length for you to be able to control their movements and make sure they are safe during the walks.
  4. Dog bed and food mats – Get your puppy/dog a cozy little dog bed for them to take their naps on and you can also get them mats on which they can eat their food. Food mats will ensure that they form proper habits about where they can eat their food and also make it easier for you to clean up after them. 
  5. Crates and doors – A proper sized crate might be an essential for your new dog and might be extremely helpful especially while you are travelling. You can also install little gates in places you want to restrict the dog to in your house but make sure you leave them abundant space to move around
  6. Toys – Your dog needs to be engaged and what’s better than to get them toys to play with? Getting them chew-toys will be a great choice to supplement their chewing habits. Apart from that, you can get them a bunch of games and toys like puzzle mats, ropes, balls and squeaky, plush toys 
  7. Shampoo and poop bags – A range of hygiene products are necessary for your dog in general, but make sure you have a consistent, abundant supply of poop bags to keep your surroundings clean. Buy good quality, safe shampoos (and conditioners) so your dog can feel fresh, clean and smell great. You should also get them groomed from time to time to ensure they are kept clean and healthy.
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