PawSpace will now be sharing the standard protocol that will be followed for all the Pet Trainer assignments. 

For any Pet Training – the service provider must be Certified and Verified from PawSpace. 

Step 1 – Process of certification and verification


  1. Log on to and complete the registration and verification process. Visit our website and click on “Become a pet carer” and then you would be redirected to fill the form –
  2. Once the registering is done, our team partnered with IDFY will send a verification link, which will ask you to submit the following 4 documents
  1. Pan Card 
  2. Address Proof (AADHAR CARD)
  3. Current Residing Address 
  4. Selfie

All these documents submitted are MANDATORY. These documents are protected strictly and will not be shared with any external third parties in any way or form. 

  1. Post the verification process, the candidate would receive the host resources and a quiz will be conducted. If the candidate fails the quiz – he can have 3 more attempts. 
  2. Post clearing the quiz, there will be a round of interviews (2 rounds) to know the candidate better and also to orient the process of services opted on the PawSpace platform.
  3. The last step now is the submission of photos, and profile creation. Only post completion of this major step – will the candidate be eligible to receive orders from our end. 

Step 2 – Profile creation


To create a profile on PawSpace post completion of all processes of selection – there are 3 major final steps. 



Step 3 – Signing of PawSpace contract to affirm the engagement. 

Here you would be required to sign the engagement documents and SLA to confirm the engagement with PawSpace with all the terms and conditions understood and accepted. This is SLA would be valid till you are engaged with us on a part-time and/or full-time basis. 

Step 4 – Commencement of order 

In order to ensure that you get more orders – there are a few suggestions that you can follow to make your profile better and overall improve your scoreboard and ranking on our platform.


  • Ensure that pet proofing of house is done and checked (Annexure -2)
  • Understanding the Pet Profile (Annexure -3)
  • Terms of engagement (Annexure -4)

Step – 5 – Payment terms 

  • Commission charged

PawSpace charges a standard commission of 15% with every booking.


  • Payment terms 

The payment terms of PawSpace are simple:

Payment will take place post completion of the assignment within 72 hours.

Step 6 – Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

Repercussions of frequent cancellations 

If the walker decides to cancel their assignments more than 3 times continuously/back to back they will be banned for a period of 30 days/1month from the system. 

Step 7 – Explanation of Sitter Performance Scoreboard

As mentioned above, we tend to relax the commission when your engagement with our company is more evolved and when there are more orders that are completed.

When you Join PawSpace – you are a Non – prime certified service provider, however, post completion of certain milestones – you can rank up to a prime and further Super Prime service provider.  


  • Booking score – This score consists of your overall booking rate, which looks at the number of new customers who contacted you for the first time and measures that against how many of them end up booking with you.
  • Renewal score – tells how often the first-time clients book with you again. If you haven’t booked enough repeat clients to generate a score yet, then it may appear to be less. 
  • Quality Score – Score that counts the positive and negative reviews by customers. The positive reviews will increase the score and the negative will decrease. This will overall affect your ranking on the page in your respective sub-location.
  • Cancellation Score – A score that counts how many times you have cancelled the customer orders from your end. A high cancellation score can result in blocking your account for a period of 3-6months. 
  • Referral Score – This basically counts the number of referrals you got to our platform and engaged in service through PawSpace.  A high score is favourable as it will push your profile in ranks and get you more business over a period of time.

Annexure – 1

Form – Profile Creation

This is an elaborated form service based that helps to capture all important information pertaining to the service provider and services offered for the same.

It’s a one-time activity and also forms a base for creating a profile with PawSpace.

3 core details are captured 

  • Basic Details 
  • Availability in terms of timings and days 
  • Home Details 
  • Bank details 
  • PAN details 
  • Google location for Geo Tagging.


It is important to submit videos and photos of your training sessions previously as it helps us assess the type and quality of training you do.  Must have an experience of at least 1 year+ and have trained a minimum of 10 dogs. 

If you sending photos, here are a few things you need to keep in mind 


  • All these pictures must be sent in a LANDSCAPE format
  • All these pictures must be 1920*1080PX quality.
  • The pics must be clear and not vague.
  • There should not be any emojis or write up on pics – the pics need to be simple and clear.
  • Please avoid sharing any short or revealing pics or T-shirts/dresses with any proactive liners/no profanity please. 
  • There should not be any pics of you holding cigarettes or alcohol or any substance. 

Annexure – 2


Few things you should know about the Meet and Greet: 

  • Agenda – The purpose of the meet and greet is to make sure you are acquainted with your service provider.
  • About the pet – This is an opportunity to mention everything about the pet – the type, the food they like, the medications they like, the commands they are used to, their habits, needs and fears.
  • Duration – The Meet and Greet will be held virtually and will last for a duration of 10 minutes so it is important to be clear and concise about your needs and requirements.
  • Meeting etiquette – During the virtual meet, do NOT ask personal and contact details of your service provider and maintain a professional air.
  • Number of profiles – If you are not happy with the service provider after the Meet and Greet, we will provide you with another 2 pet sitters/boarders and if still not satisfied after which your service request will be considered cancelled. 


PawSpace Meet and Greets exists so you, as a pet trainer, can get acquainted with your client and the pet you will be taking care of. It will make your job easier by helping and making sure that you understand the kind of care you will be expected to provide along with knowing the additional needs and requirements of the pet.

As a pet service provider, here are a few elements you need to keep in mind about the meet and greet: 

  • Etiquette – Make sure you are on-time for your virtual meeting with the potential client. Maintain a professional air and discuss only about the service and the expectations.
  • Introducing yourself – Although your potential client will have your basic profile details, talk a bit about yourself and let them know about your skills as a trainer. 
  • Understanding the pets’ needs – Make sure your potential client is letting you know the requirements of the pet in a comprehensive yet concise manner 
  • Knowing the client’s expectations – Every potential client has different pets and expectations, which is why it becomes vital for you to understand their needs gauge whether you will be able to provide that
  • Getting to know the pet – Although the meeting is virtual, make sure you meet the pet and greet them. Make sure you understand the breed-specific and pet-specific requirements.
  • Are you the right fit? – Once you cover the basic details and requirements, you should make sure that you can provide the service the client is expecting after asking all your queries and clearing your doubts.

Meet and Greet (Checklist for pet care providers) 

The Meet and Greet is an opportunity to get to know your (potential) future clients and their pets, so you can plan your services accordingly. There are a few aspects you should keep in mind while interacting with your potential client during the Meet and Greet.


  • Introducing yourself – The client has already seen your profile but make sure you are introducing yourself clearly. Tell them about your past pet experiences and your general abilities as a trainer. Be polite and courteous throughout the meet.
  • Understanding the pet – Meet the pet virtually, know the breed and make sure providing the required service is well within your capabilities. 
  • Ask for the expectations – Be open with the pet owner, ask for all their expectations and make a list of them. Make sure all of it is proper and well within the confines of your pet training service.
  • Pet’s health requirements – Separately and carefully note down every health requirement of the pet. Get to know their allergies, fears, medications and general do’s and don’ts. 
  • Contact Information – Make sure you are made aware of their emergency contact details, ways to update them and their vet contacts. Let them know the vet that you are in contact with and make sure they approve of it. 
  • Food and exercise schedules – You should get a good idea of the food and exercise requirements of their pet, Do not leave any doubts and ask away any queries you may have and assure them that it will be followed religiously. 
  • Rewards and treats – Know the kind of treats the pet owner uses, along with when and how they use it, so you don’t end up overstepping the boundaries and rewarding the more/less than the appropriate amount.
  • Pet’s behaviour – Let them know about any other pets their pet may come in contact with and make sure that is okay. Ask them about the different behaviours their pet exhibits at different situations and keep that in mind. 

Annexure – 3


Please make sure that you thoroughly read the terms of engagement and follow all the requirements. If you get certified as a Pawspace pet trainer, the following are the guidelines you need to be aware of as a Pawspace pet care provider – 

BEFORE the engagement – 

  • Every pet training package will REQUIRE you to have 1 meet-and-greet session and 12 actual pet training sessions with the customer. 
  • Prerequisites of the meet and greet session – 
    • Understand the requirements of the customer clearly – understand the core concern of the customer and what they expect the pet to be trained in.
    • Ensure that your comfortable with the distance to the customer’s place 
    • Find out the dates and timings the customer is expecting your services
    • Make sure you are comfortable to work with the pet (breed, age, temperament) and the pet parents 
    • Consider ALL the factors and decide if you are comfortable working for the next 12 sessions. After meeting the customer and the pet and gauging the requirements of the customer, you may choose to not engage with the assignment further. 
  • Once you accept the assignment, and the training process is underway, if you decide to leave the engagement, Pawspace or the customer is NOT liable to pay any fees for your services. Your payment will be processed only if ALL the 12 sessions + 1 meet-and-greet are successfully completed.
  • It is mandatory to share a customised training plan for EVERY pet you train. This will help you to plan the approach better with the pet.
  • It is MANDATORY to conduct 3 sessions per week, each of which has to consist of 40-45 minutes of actual training session with the pet and 10-15 minutes of engagement with the customer regarding the pet’s progress in the training sessions.
  • Ensure that the attire you wear falls under the category of smart casuals. Ensure you are wearing shoes (sports, walking or sneakers) and not any form of slippers.
  • Pawspace charges a 20% platform fee. Complete 80% of the customer’s payment will be transferred to your account soon after the completion of the service without hindrance.

DURING the engagement – 

  • During the training sessions, ensure that you are also making the pet parents adept at training and handling their own pet. It is advisable to give them ‘homework’ to work on with regard to training their pet.
  • A feedback call will be taken after the 6th and 12th training session to ensure optimum customer satisfaction and pet progress.
  • You are not allowed to use violence on the pet under ANY circumstances. Pawspace has a strict no violence policy.
  • After the completion of 6 sessions, if as a professional trainer, you feel that the pet needs 6 or 12 more sessions for the best results – discuss the reasons with both Pawspace and the customer so a decision can be made taking the pet’s progress to consideration.
  • Ensure that you are not suggesting any packaged food or a particular brand for treats (to avoid any mishaps) Always encourage natural treats like eggs or carrots. However, under no circumstances should the pet’s obedience be dependent on the availability of treats.

AFTER the engagement – 

  • Pawspace encourages goodwill between both the pet care providers and the customers, therefore, it is advisable to stay in touch with the pet parents and assist them with any issues at least for 1-2 months after the completion of the training sessions.
  • Apart from providing updates during the engagement, Having ANY KIND of personal communication with the customer is strictly against Pawspace policies. This is important to ensure issues regarding non-payment, low payment or damage to property is handled by Pawspace professionally. 
  • After your engagement, Pawspace encourages you to share the review link with the customer. Additionally, this will help us to allocate more assignments to you.
  • Please note that the payment will be processed and transferred every 10th and 25th of each month going forward after the feedback is also taken from customers.
  • If you are involved or engaged in ANY way with any other pet service platform, we respect your position. However, Pawspace will be terminating our contract with you and will not be engaging with your services any further.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Annexure – 4

Types of training

There are two types of training associated with PawSpace 


  • Basic Obedience Training 

This type of training focuses on training the pet with basic obedience. The suggested timeline of this training is 4 to 6 weeks. 


  • Suitability

               – Puppies between 3 to 9 months old

 – Core requirement is basic obedience training 

 – Puppy behaviour corrections 


  • Training Module Outline 

               Major Area of focus 

  • Basic training commands 
  • Toilet training 
  • Leash training at home
  • Etiquette training at home, socialising at home 


  • Engagement

The engagement lasts for 1 hour – 45 minutes with the pet and 15 minutes with the pet parents.  



  • Meet and Greet (For extensive and detailed information on meet and greet refer Annexure 2)
  • Basic Command training 

In the basic command training the pet will learn the following commands:

  • Name Recognition 
  •  Sit 
  • Stand 
  • Go there and come here 
  • Tug o war activity 
  • Stop 
  • Shake Hands 
  • Fetch activity 
  • Drop it 
  • Leave and stay 
  • Catch activity 


  • Toilet Training 

Toilet training is vital as it helps your pet to follow the routine and maintain a schedule. 

Leash and heel training will be taught as well. 

  1. Intermediate Obedience Training 

This type of training is an extensive form of obedience training that focuses on the behavioral pattern of the pet. The suggested timeline for this training is 6 to 8 weeks. 


  • Suitability 
  • Dogs with 8 months to 1 year plus age
  • The core requirement is behavioral correct and advanced obedience training. 
  • Dog Behavioural Corrections such as biting, barking, unsocial, separation anxiety issues, hyperactive, timid, unsocial nature, and aggressive. 


  • Training Module Outline 

               Major Area of focus 

  • Customized approach to focus on core behavioral correction
  • Basic training commands 
  • Leash training at home
  • Etiquette training at home, socializing at home and outdoors.


  • Engagement

The engagement lasts for 1 hour – 45 minutes with the pet and 15 minutes with the pet’s parents.  



  • Meet and Greet (For extensive and detailed information on meet and greet refer to Annexure 2
  • Basic Command training 

In the basic command training the pet will learn the following commands:

  • Name Recognition 
  •  Sit 
  • Stand 
  • Go there and come here 
  • Tug o war activity 
  • Stop 
  • Shake Hands 
  • Fetch activity 
  • Drop it 
  • Leave and stay 
  • Catch activity 


  • Toilet Training 

Toilet training is vital as it helps your pet to follow routine and maintain a schedule. 

Leash and heel training will be taught as well. 


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