Ways to encourage positive behavior in dogs

Having a dog is almost like having a child of your own. You have to make sure they are well-nourished, give them an abundance of love and affection and always encourage positive behavioral traits so they flourish as good and unproblematic animals as they grow up.You would never want to hear that your dog is scary or that your dog is misbehaving uncontrollably. As a dog parent, you would never want to be known as someone who has a scary or an unfriendly dog. It becomes extremely important to encourage positive behavior so your pet knows how to act when it comes to socialising or just living the day to day life. 

There is not really some set way to ensure good behavior, you only have to gauge your dog and understand what type of encouragement works for them. Depending on the size of the dog and breed of the dog, the way they adapt to it and accept it might also differ. 

So, here are some ways that might help you encourage good and positive behavior in your dog:

  • Routine in their life – This might not seem like it is directly connected to establishing good behavior but it is an extremely vital step. Have a routine for your dog. Let them know that certain things are done at certain times only. Although they might not have the direct concept of time like humans, they start to register a arbitrary concept of time in their head and understand that they can only expect a few things in at that particular time.
  • Make your actions clear – Let them know what is okay and what is not. You do not have to physically abuse them for this, all you have to do is visibly and verbally express that what they did is not okay. Do not make it confusing for them by reacting badly once and not expressing dissent other times for the same exact action. The same action should require the same reaction every time so it is clear to them as which actions are okay and which are not.
  • Reward good habits –  In continuation to what was said previously, initially when they start behaving the way you like, and doing actions that are good, give them treats and verbally encourage that behavior. This way, they learn that certain behaviors are rewards (and make you happy) and then they start voluntary behaving that way
  • Play games with them – Playing with your puppies (and dogs) is already a great way to spend time with them and make them happy. It also solves the problem of the need for regular exercise for dogs. Dogs usually happily thrive under your attention so one of the best ways to make sure that they are well-behaved is teaching them through games. Play little games with them to teach good behavior – for example, if you have to teach them to be quiet at command, play a game (like fetch) and let them bark to their heart’s content, but when they do stop barking, reward them with a treat and verbally affirm their behavior.
  • Professional help – It is always great to take help from professional services to make sure your doggo becomes the perfect good doggo that it needs to be. Take a look at PawSpace’s training services provided by certified pet trainers around you and in your city. You can choose the kind of training your pet requires and take the all the help you need in raising them right


Dogs are usually easy to mould as they love to please you and make you happy. They will listen to you if you explain to them kindly and reward all their good behaviors well!

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