What is pet licensing?

Pet licensing

As a pet parent, you might already be familiar with the concept of pet licensing. If not, let’s try to understand it in simple words – it is basically a process that your pet needs to go through in order to get legal recognition (and subsequent ease of existence) from the government bodies.

This is basically a pass given for your pet(s) that they can stay with you and that they are legally registered with the concerned authorities which will help you exercise your rights and provide your pet with existential benefits in the duration of their existence. 


This is also a way for BBMP to make sure that the pets have proper livable conditions and are not a nuisance to the other people that live around you. By the end of you getting the dog licensing or pet licensing done, because of the thorough steps involved in that process, you will have the assurance of complete legality of the existence of your pet. BBMP also intends to ensure that you have only the right amount of pets in your apartment – that they have enough space and appropriate living conditions. BBMP also intends to make pet licensing mandatory to ensure that pet parents take up more responsibility and have all the means to keep their pet(s) safe in the Bengaluru city. This also gives BBMP a way and means to keep track of the number of pets that exist in the city of Bengaluru.


When it comes to the concept of  pet ownership certificate, this is an official document that is issued by the concerned government body to establish that your pet belongs to you. You might wonder if the need for pet ownership certificate or pet licensing is dire as of yet, but you should always understand that once a procedure for legality of a person or a pet is established by the government, it will always be convenient for you to follow the process so in case of any mishap, you can make sure that you have the government by your side to help you with the well-being of your pet. So, it will be a wise choice on your part to quickly finish the process of pet licensing for your pet, especially if it is a dog as BBMP aims to make dog licensing mandatory first and then initiate the process of making it compulsory for other pets. 


For example, if your pet wanders off and gets lost by mistake, it is much easier to locate a licensed dog as opposed to locating a dog or a pet that is not licensed. Since the process of BBMP pet licensing involves microchipping your pet – which by the way, is quite a painless and harmless process, locating your pet at any point of time will become much easier than how it was before. Apart from this major benefit, licensing will also make the process of relocating your pet much simpler – be it internationally or within India. 


If you are someone who might have to move at some point in your life, leaving your pet behind will obviously not be your choice of action. Which means, you would want your pet to be safely transported to whatever destination that you will be going to. For this to happen seamlessly, your pet needs to be licensed and vaccinated and have the necessary legal documents. Microchipping and official pet licensing will also help in obtaining pet insurance quite easily. Basically, any legal process you have to go through in terms of your pet (some of which you will have to go through mandatorily during the course of your pet’s lifespan), you will need an initial completed pet licensing to make all these processes more smooth sailing. 


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