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Why at-home dog grooming services are beneficial

Home dog grooming services

Grooming becomes an essential part of both the pet parents’ and the pet’s life. Without proper grooming, no pet can be comfortable and healthy throughout their lifespan. Dog grooming sometimes works on different levels. The basic level being just the combing through the fur that you might have to do weekly for a healthy and silky coat. 


Every dog’s grooming needs will vary based on various aspects – their breed, their size, and their overall health conditions. However usually, grooming involves – bathing, nail trimming, fur trimming, ear cleaning and teeth cleaning. Just like human beings, keeping the pets clean becomes super important for their day-to-day functioning. Additionally, getting it done by a professional also becomes important because they know the nuances of the grooming process in addition to having the expertise to complete the process with the least hassles. A lot of things might go wrong while going through the process – their nails might get chipped, they might get shaving burns and they might hurt themselves accidentally while you are grooming them. While all these and more can occur even when a professional dog groomer is involved, due to their expertise and experience, they know how to handle your pet babies better and know how to make the grooming process relatively seamless for everyone involved. 


Grooming being a necessary part of the dog’s life means a lot of pet parents have to take their dog to the groomers periodically. This itself becomes a ordeal for a lot of pet parents as they have to endure the anxious car rides with their dog – a lot of the times the dogs are aware about where they might be headed to and make a lot of fuss. 

The pet parents like yourself might also find it extremely hard to control their dogs at the groomers due to various reasons – their might be other dogs that might end up agitating the pet, the noise of the equipments used on and around them might bother them immensely and generally, they might get agitated due to the presence of a lot of people that they do not know. So how can this problem be handled as a pet parent? – At-home grooming can be the perfect solution for this. 


So how are at-home dog grooming services beneficial to pet parents?


  • Not too many strangers – When groomers come to your doorstep, it automatically means that apart from those 1-2 people, the dog will be familiar with everyone else in the house and thus will not get too alarmed. 


  • No troublesome car rides – You do not have to go through tough car rides where you will have to ensure that your dog does not get the hint to where they are headed. Additionally, the difficulty that you will face in deboarding and handling them once you reach the groomers and your dog realises it is the groomer’s place can be completely avoided with at-home dog grooming services.


  • Comfortable and familiar space – Your dog is extremely comfortable at your home and you can use this to your advantage when you are grooming them. When you hire dog groomers to come to your place, you are ensuring that you are dog is in the comfort of their home and you are not causing them unnecessary stress and anxiety regarding the dog grooming process. 


Grooming does not have to be a cumbersome ordeal – not for you as a pet parent, and not for your cute little doggo. Which is why, at-home dog grooming services might be just the right solution to ensure that your dog is happy, healthy and well groomed!

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