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Why Pet home boarding is better than traditional Pet kennels.

A separation between you and your best friend is stressful, frustrating, and difficult for both you and your dog, any separation requires them to be in an environment that is close to home to alleviate these conditions, hence Pet home boarding has become a popular alternative to traditional pet kennels. A Pet home boarding gives your furry baby a feeling of being in a safe and homely environment. A vast majority of pet parents prefer to leave their pets at a home instead of a kennel, dogs love being in their own surroundings and sometimes require attention and extra care in their owner’s absence, in a home boarding your dog gets to stay with an experienced carer in their own home. There are various positives to this such as constant attention and care, frequent walks, assuring your dog gets their tummy filled on time, safe surrounding, same routine maintained and yes of course, playtime!

Here are some of the reasons why pet parents prefer a home boarding instead of a traditional pet kennel: 


Individual needs of your pet are a priority 

Every dog is unique, they have their own individual needs to be taken care of, at home boarding, once you specify the needs of your pet the carer makes sure the needs are met and considers this a priority. For example, if your dog takes certain medication at a designated time, the carer ensures this is completed, even the daily routine in your household is followed here. If you have a preferred time to walk your dog and want the same, the routine is maintained this also includes food timings and such.

The carer’s main focus is to tend to your dog and keep them happy and entertained until you re-unite with them.



Personal Care 

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, always being with their owners and having constant companionship to being by themselves feeling lonely, distressful, and anxious, as pack animals’ dogs prefer being with a family, this is another vital purpose of a home boarding as compared to a kennel, if shown love and affection they can settle pretty well in their temporary surroundings.



In a traditional kennel, your dog might not be comfortable with the surrounding as there’s no homely feel, whereas in a pet home boarding, your dog might be anxious free as time proceeds.

Safety of your pet is a must, home boardings assure safety.


Cleanliness of surroundings

A Pet home boarding environment is healthier and has a cleaner atmosphere as compared to a kennel, a clean surrounding is a basic necessity for your pet. In a kennel dogs stay in close proximity with each other which increases the chances of your dog attracting transmissible diseases such as kennel cough (which is spread through airborne droplets from other dogs coughing or sneezing at a close distance) and so on, thus a home boarding reduces these risk factors drastically, making it an ideal option for your pet temporarily.



A clean surrounding would ensure your dog stays clean, comfortable without the worry of transmissible diseases. These are some of the causes and reasons as to why pet home boardings are becoming prominent as compared to traditional pet kennels.


In conclusion we at PawSpace assure you that your furry baby will be taken care of, we prioritise your dog’s needs and requirements. We ensure safety, cleanliness of surroundings, personal care, attention and so on. PawSpace provides a platform where you can meet a pet carer/boarder and see for yourself the temporary surrounding and environment your pet is in. We offer a meet and greet with the pet carer/boarder to familiarise and understand everything you want to.

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