Why should you adopt a pet?

We all get excited at the prospect of having a pet. We all want to experience the absolutely unconditional love that is only possible with having a pet and being a pet parent. This makes us want to get the cutest puppy or the sweetest kitty home and keep it with ourselves forever – so you should adopt a pet. While doing this, we often tend to “buy” the pets from breeders so they can match our fantasy of what our pet baby should look like

However, there are few reasons why you should adopt a pet as opposed to buying them.

  1. They are looking for a home – Pets at adoption centers are in desperate need of love and care. They are often pets that would love to have a home of their own and would make sure that you experience the best of the love they can give you. 
  2. You will save a life – Often, when adoption centers are over their full capacity, they will euthanize the pets. Which means, adopting a pet will definitely save a life, even if it means the adoption center makes space for another cute little pet baby at their place.
  3. Opportunity to discourage unethical breeders – If you buy an animal from the pet store, it is most likely sourced from breeding mills that more times than not prioritise breeding and profits over actual comfort of animals. As they might not bred in the safest or the most ethical conditions, you adopting a pet will make a difference by discouraging those breeding mills and reducing their business
  4. Social media rights – We all would love to brag about our adorable little ones on social media, right? Well, perfect, adopt a pet and start off! In addition to being able to show off how cute they are, you can also start raising awareness about how important adoption is. This way you can secure your bragging rights on social media and look good doing it!
  5. Helps other animals – By adopting one pet, you make room for other animals that are in desperate need for shelter. Hundreds of homeless shelters sometimes simply cannot take in animals even during desperate times because they are usually already overcrowded and underfunded. So, the more adoptions occur, the more animals are saved
  6. Might save you training efforts – More often than not, adoption centers have animals that are already trained from their previous homes. Other times, if the center can afford it, they might have given some kind of basic training to the pets all by themselves. This way, you spend less time, effort and money on training and can devote more time into bonding and nourishing the pet
  7. The joy you experience – Adopting a pet means you entirely change the world of that pet. You give them a forever home, you give them love and and you provide them with the freedom that they could not afford in their adoption centers. Not only that, the individual attention and care they receive makes a gigantic difference in their lives and they will keep you in their heart forever. The fact that you will be able to make such a huge difference to a life, is a joy that can only be fully appreciated when you experience it. 
  8. Companionship – People in your life may not be reliable, but when it comes to being trustworthy, your pet will always be amazing. They will love you unconditionally, and always be there for you in your lowest times. Pets have been known to drastically improve the emotional wellness of human beings. So, you know there is always a life that will keep loving you. 

What are you waiting for? Go get an amazing companion for yourself and do not forget to make sure that you prioritize adoption options!

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