10 reasons why you should adopt a German Shepherd

Although a relatively new breed, German Shepherds have won several hearts across millions worldwide because of their happy demeanour and several other qualities. Keep reading to know more about this majestic breed! 

  1. German Shepherds are one of the healthiest dog breeds

It is often believed that these breeds may even live up to 13 years if looked after properly. Unlike many other dogs, German Shepherds tend to be fit most of the time as they love to exercise. Although they are prone to other health concerns such as hip dysplasia which can, later on, lead to degenerative myelopathy and arthritis, the suffering can be reduced provided they are given proper health care and nutrition.

  1. German Shepherds are full of energy 

If an ideal weekend for you is hiking and jogging, a German Shepherd may be the perfect dog breed for you. Moreover, if you have kids at home who need non-stop playtime, these breeds can keep them active!

  1. German Shepherds are loyal companions 

Loyalty runs among dogs; a few breeds tend to be highly protective and loyal over their loved ones – such as the German Shepherd. This quality makes them good guard dogs. However, it must be remembered that these breeds must be given proper socialisation training not to be unnecessarily overprotective. 

Training is a crucial part of every dog’s journey and must not be ignored. Check out PawSpace training that covers all essential domains, so your pet grows to be a good girl/boy! 

  1. German Shepherds love all weathers!

Sometimes, your favourite breed of dog may not be able to take the weather conditions in which you stay. However, in the case of German Shepherds, every weather is perfect because of their double coats, which helps them endure both cold and hot weather. 

  1. German Shepherds love kiddos! 

No dog hates kids; a few of them happen to be more tolerant and patient than others. German Shepherds can make for the perfect companion for your children if given proper socialisation training from an early age. 

  1. German Shepherds are very smart

It is a well-known fact that intelligence runs among these breeds; they are often used by the defence and police forces. Almost every command that is given to them can be acted on very quickly. Due to their exceptional abilities, German Shepherds are used as service dogs among people with physical disabilities as aids. 

  1. German Shepherds are very adaptable 

Apart from being adaptable to different weather conditions, these breeds can also adapt to different lifestyles, homes, etc. As we mentioned earlier since German Shepherds love to stay active. So, a large space may suit them. However, they tend to be just as happy in a relatively smaller apartment as long as they are taken outside for their walks and playtime. The last thing that you should be worried about is whether or not your German Shepherd will adjust to different situations, as they ace at it! 

  1. German Shepherds are enormous suckers for family!

You will never be able to comprehend how much your German Shepherd loves you. They adore not just their owner but all family members so much that they are forever loyal companions. 

  1. German Shepherds are relatively obedient, making them easier to train

It’s no wonder that you’ll find so many dogs of this particular breed at competitive events, the defence forces and police forces. German Shepherds are great at both obedience and task training, making them a perfect fit! 

  1. German Shepherds are friendly with other animals 

As long as they are given the proper socialisation training, German Shepherds are amicable with other pets, if you have any. 

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