6 reasons why you should avail cat boarding services

Are you a cat parent planning to go on a vacation? Or someone with a busy and long working hours? Or someone with a lot of guests visiting your home? Weighing your options on how and where you can leave your cat safely? Well, you should consider cat boarding as your first option! Cat boarding is a service where a person takes care of your cat in their house and makes sure that they are well taken care of. However, this should not be confused with the traditional boarding that is done in kennels. There are several reasons why kennels are not advisable for your pet – few of those include hygiene and safety concerns. 

So why should you choose cat boarding over kennel services? Will it make a very big difference for your cat? It most certainly will! Cats are famously (and sometimes infamously) known for their preference of independence and healthy amount of space. Kennels unfortunately, cannot afford them this privilege. Some of the issues like this can be solved with cat boarding services 

Let’s look at a few benefits that can be gotten when you leave your cat with a boarder – 

  1. Privacy for your cat – Cats are known for preferring their own space and time. Leaving them with a cat boarder as opposed to kennels will ensure that they have plenty of space for themselves. You might have to make sure that your cat is okay with the person you are leaving them with and will not act out aggressively. 
  2. Regular food and water supply – While you are away, your constant worry will be about regular food and water supply for your cat. With cat boarding, you do not have to worry about that as the caretaker always makes sure that all your cat’s needs (basic and otherwise) are met properly. You can also leave them with special instructions (if any) to be followed strictly while feeding your cat. You can also give them an emergency vet contact just to ensure your cat’s safety constantly. 
  3. Personalised care – With the boarder’s attention fully on your cat, you will never have to worry about whether your cat is being cared for properly. You can specify your list of requirements and necessities with respect to your cat, and they will be met without hindrance. To make sure your cat is super comfortable, you can leave their favorite toys and games with the caretaker so they do not miss home too much.
  4. Constant updates – PawSpace cat boarding services makes sure that you get constant and consistent updates about your pet for the entire duration of the boarding assignment. You will receive lots of pictures and videos throughout the day informing you about how your cat is dong so you can have a peaceful day away from them.
  5. Clean environment – Since the boarder will have to get their house ready for your cat, you can count on it being a sanitised and clean space. The risk of diseases that might come if you leave your cat with the kennel due to unhygienic environment, is completely eliminated when you avail cat boarding services for your cat
  6. Don’t have to put them through travelling – If you are going on a vacation, as much as it might seem relaxing to you, your cat might not share the same sentiment. Cats are not big fans of travelling so by leaving them with boarding services, you can ensure that you are not putting them through anything stressful and anxiety-provoking for them 

Cat boarding can truly be one of the best options for your cat when you have to leave them away from you for a while. You can check out PawSpace’s pet boarding services and find out for yourself!

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