Working parent of pet? – How can dog daycare help you?

How can dog daycare help you?

If you are pet parent in 2022, you probably already know the challenges that come with it. You might also know what a dog daycare means in this context. A record-breaking amount of pets were adopted and bought during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021. These seems natural because human beings are naturally social creatures. When stripped off intereactions with the outside world due to the dure need to quarantine for one’s own safety, people turned to adopting and buying a lot of pets. This worked out well for both the pet parents and the pet itself because these two years was mainly the years where the workforce largely transitioned from working from office to working from home. While the pet parents were working from home, the pets got constant love, attention and cuddles. 


Now that the world is reeling from the after-effects of the pandemic and trying to get a semblance of normalcy back, a lot of workplaces are opening up and asking their employees to return to office space. Which means, a lot of the pets have to be left behind and a lot of pet parents are at their wit’s end about what they can do to take care of them. There has also been too many recorded cases of pet parents trying to return their pets or abandoning them at shelters now that their life has resumed. However, this is not a good solution as we have a responsibility to take care of them as a parent. So what can be done? How can you navigate having to work full-time and also take care of your pet well and ensure that they get lots of love and attention? There is quite an economical and practical solution to this – dog daycare.


As a pet parent, how can it help you?


Dog daycare is a concept where the pet parents leaves their dog with a pet sitter for them to take care for the duration of their work timings. The pet parent drops off their pet baby at the pet sitter’s home (on the way to their office) and conveniently pick them up while returning. 

This way, you have the peace of knowing that your dog is being fed and taken care of in the right way at the right time. 


Benefits of availing Dog Daycare services – 


  1. Timely food – Your dog will be fed and taken for walks at the right time and you will not have to worry about their well-being constantly while you are at office. Additionally, you can also specify the kind of food and the method of feeding to the pet sitter and they will ensure that your dog is taken care of well. 


  1. Reduces separation anxiety – Due to your constant presence, your dog would have gotten used to you and will find it hard to stay away. By leaving them with a pet sitter, their socialisation skills gets better and they also get to spend their time with someone other than just you. 


  1. Attention and Love – To compensate for the attention and love that you will not be able to give while you are at office, the pet sitter will constantly be there to take care of it. 


  1. Constant updates – You can receive constant and reliable updates about the well-being of your pets in the form of pictures, videos and text messages. 


  1. Convenience – It is incredibly convenient for you that you can love your pet baby in safe space while you are working and not have to constantly worry if they are feeling lonely, sad or if they have eating and sleeping well.


  1. Individual attention – Since PawSpace dog daycare works with one pet sitter being allowed to take care of maximum of 3 dogs, while your dog will get the chance to socialise, it will not be overwhelmed with other dogs. Additionally, the pet sitter will also give constant attention and care to your dog, keep them safe and healthy.
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