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Your kid wants a pet? Here’s what you can get them

Kids love to make new friends and mostly succeed in it with much less effort than adults do. Sometimes, they might want to have a little furry friend of their own. Other times, you, as their guardian, would want to get a pet for them. If you have trouble choosing which pet might be the safest for them, here are some suggestions –

  1. Dogs – When it comes to choosing pets, dogs are mostly the first choice. Since they are also famously known to be “man’s best friend”, the attachment between the two species is quite obvious. Dogs are usually extremely friendly with most people, protective of you and easily adaptive to new environments. According to the size of your living space, you can choose the appropriate breed as different breeds need different kinds of living space, different intensity of care. If trained well, dogs can be the most adorable friends you can have – check out PawSpace’s dog training services to assist you with it
  1. Cats – They are known to be one of the pets that need very less when it comes to maintenance. They are self-sufficient when it comes to hygiene and reasonable when it comes to food. Cats may not be known for being as friendly as dogs, but they certainly are an amazing pet to have. Moreover, cats take up relatively less amount of space and also barely require any exercise at all to live a happy, healthy life. 
  1. Hamsters – Due to their petite nature and cute features, hamsters are quite popular among children when it comes to choosing pets. They are cute, cuddly and as far as exercise is concerned, they get enough from running around in their little hamster wheels. One thing to be noted, however, is that hamsters cannot be gotten for children that are too young as they require careful handling. Hamsters are also quite good at keeping themselves clean daily, so you can fret less about grooming them.
  1. Birds – Although birds seem a little complicated as pets, they are perfect for children who like animals but do not prefer being too close to them or petting them constantly. However, having bird(s) will require a lot of patience and eye to detail. You will also have to have enough space for them to fly around and feel free at your home. Birds are also relatively easy to train as they love human affection and this can be given to them as positive reinforcement. These are some of the birds that you can get that are human friendly – cockatiels, cockatoos, love birds and green-cheeked parakeets
  1. Fish – These are one kind of pets that are quite easy to care for. Based on the size of the aquarium, the size of the fish can be determined. Since fishes do not require any kind of exercise, training or grooming, they can be good starter pets for your kids so they can learn the responsibility of taking care of animals. Although fishes do not need a lot of things land animals do, they require a few things unbargained – clean water, good filtration system, food twice/thrice a day and good lighting in the aquarium. If you are confident about being able to provide all this consistently for the fish(es) you will own, then go ahead! 

Caring for animals is definitely a privilege and if you can do it and also get your kid a cute friend in the process, then there is no question of waiting! 

Rest assured, you can always visit our website again for pet assistance and information about caring for pets. If you are worried about your social life getting affected by pets you get, you do not need to worry anymore! You can check out PawSpace’s pet sitting, pet boarding and drop by services with certified pet carers around you.

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