How to calm your pets during fireworks this festive season

In India, every celebration, whether marriage or festival are colourful, fun and most importantly, noisy. As much as most of us try to curb fireworks usage for environmental reasons, several continue to use them. Pet parents have difficulty dealing with this as the loud firecracker noises cause a flight or fight response in animals. Most […]

Does your pooch look preggers? Let’s know for sure!

Pregnancies, not just for humans but across all of the animal kingdom, are beautiful yet confusing. Keep reading to know how you can know for sure whether the little people are arriving! Here is some vital information to help you, pet parents, when you have a pregnant dog at home. Gestation period among dogs The […]

Why Do Cats Like Milk So Much? Should You Treat Your Kitty?

Try to picture a cat without their bowl of cow’s milk to slurp on – close to impossible, right? Old folk tales, comics and popular sitcoms like Tom and Jerry have constantly portrayed cats and milk sharing a solid connection. So, it’s only natural to think that milk is healthy for felines. Turns out, no. […]

5 dog behaviors you should be worried about

Dogs are truly a blessing in your life and you always want to make sure that you know what they are feeling. This, for obvious reasons, might not be the most plausible option. However, it is always better to know your dog inside out and make sure they are always comfortable. Depending on the breed, […]

Top 7 things you should get for your new cat

Cats are super independent animals and you can only get them if you are ready to respect their personal space and boundaries. You are probably excited at the prospect of being a new pet parent! Despite their notorious reputation, cats are very adorable and are capable of loving you and providing you with the best […]

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