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Top 7 things you should get for your new cat

Cats are super independent animals and you can only get them if you are ready to respect their personal space and boundaries. You are probably excited at the prospect of being a new pet parent! Despite their notorious reputation, cats are very adorable and are capable of loving you and providing you with the best kind of companionship. It is always better to allow your new feline to familiarise themselves with you before getting them home so they can get used to your smell.


Once they are  home, let them take their own time to get comfortable in their new surroundings – do not force them to go places and do not get impatient when they might seem scared about a few things or people in your home. They just need to be reassured that their new surroundings and the people in it are not dangerous. It becomes the prime responsibility of a pet parent to make sure that the pet does not feel threatened or uncomfortable. 


To make your cat’s transition into their new home easier, you can make sure that you have all the supplies that are necessary. You can also get them some things that you think they might like; however, be ready to have a lot of discarded toys and utilities lying around in your house later! PawSpace recommends that you a few necessary things for your new cat: 


  1. Food and water bowls – Get separate food and water bowls that are easy to wash regularly. For cats, it is recommended that you get flat bowls with sides that are not steep. This is usually the best kind of bowls to get for your cat as they might experience something called “whisker fatigue” – they experience pain and distress due to their whiskers constantly brushing against the bowl while they are eating. 


  • Crates and beds – Get an appropriately sized crate for your cat that they can stay in and be transported in. Make sure the crate has abundant space for your cat and make the space cozy and comforting for them. 


  1. Collar – Cats love their freedom and sometimes will wander off on their own to relish it. Which is why providing them with a collar and ID tag to go with it might be the best choice for you. Make sure that the tag is not too heavy and the collar is just appropriate for their size. You can add their name and some contact information to make sure your cat is safe.


  1. Scratching posts and tree towers – You can buy them things that stimulate their need to play and hunt. Cats feel the intense urge to scratch when their nails grow and providing them with scratching posts and pads will immensely help them. You can also buy them tree towers on which they can climb on do various things (depending on the kind of tower you buy)


  1. Toys – Cats are intelligent, playful and would love some toys to pass their time. When it comes to toys for cats, they are quite easy to please – give them cardboard rolls from your empty toilet paper roll, paper bags without handles, ping-pong balls and soft toys, and they will be more than happy to engage themselves with it.


  1. Litter boxes – Getting a litter box is a must so you can litter train them and they feel safe and comfortable to excrete in your house and bury/hide the waste. If you have more than one cat it is advisable to get more than litter boxes as cats get territorial 


  1. Pheromone diffuser – You can buy these diffusers to make sure that the cat feels safe in their new environment and can make the transition of moving into your house easy


We know being a new cat parent might be daunting, so amidst your busy schedule if you want the best pet sitting services for your cat, PawSpace has got you!

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