India pet passport & import-export regulations

  Traveling with your pets can be quite difficult if you are unsure of how to go about it, and more so if you’re planning to travel abroad. If you are an Indian citizen who is planning to travel back to the country with your four-legged companion, then you need to plan ahead. Get your […]

Tips to training older dogs

If you are a pet parent who has a dog, you might want to train the dog at different stages of life just to make sure that they are at their best behaved version of themselves. In other times, you might be a parent who has recently adopted an older dog and need to teach […]

Pet ownership from INKC

All about how you can gain the Kennel Club pet ownership certificate There are over 150 distinct breeds of dog recognized by most Kennel Clubs throughout the world as pure breeds. A purebred dog is one which breeds true to type. This means that when mated to another of the same breed, the progeny consistently […]

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