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All about how you can gain the Kennel Club pet ownership certificate

There are over 150 distinct breeds of dog recognized by most Kennel Clubs throughout the world as pure breeds. A purebred dog is one which breeds true to type. This means that when mated to another of the same breed, the progeny consistently derive the same characteristics as their forebears. An official description of each such breed is given in the respective Breed Standard.

In order to ensure purity of the breed, it is necessary to maintain an unbroken chain showing the lineage of a dog. This is called a pedigree. To lend credence to such a record, it is essential that each dog in the lineage be registered with a recognized Kennel Club as decided by the I.N.K.C. If this is not done, the pedigree is invalid, as any person can then concoct an impressive-looking but meaningless ‘pedigree’, with names which do not genuinely represent the actual parentage.

What is a Pet Ownership Certificate and Why do you need to get it?


  • Pet Ownership Certificate will officially establish your ownership of your dog.


  • An Ownership Certificate will help in tracking lost pets and get pet insurance and international relocation of your pet.


How Does Pet Licensing and Pet Ownership Registration Process Works with PawSpace

  • Register your interest with us by entering your contact information in the link below.
  • Our team will contact you to collect the necessary information about you and your pet.
  • Our team will explain the process and handle all the paperwork on behalf of you.
  • Get your Pet License and Ownership certificate conveniently at your doorstep. 


Pricing plan – 


Service Selected Original Price Early Bird Price
INKC Pet Ownership Registration Certificate With Microchip Rs. 2999 Rs. 2499
BBMP Licensing + INKC Ownership Certificate

(Without Rabies Vaccine + With microchip)

Rs.4499 Rs.3499
BBMP Licensing + INKC Ownership Certificate

(With Rabies Vaccine + With microchip)

Rs.4999 Rs.3999


Scan Documents Required:

  • Aadhar Card Scan copy
  • Vaccine Book Scan Copy
  • Soft Copy Photos of the Dog – Refer to attached file for sample template) 
  • Soft Copy of Signed NOC form (For Gated community) – Refer to attached file for sample template

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