3 things you should know about pet sitting

Do you wish you could constantly spend time with animals? Do you want to smother every pet you see with lots of love and affection? Then you might have come across the concept of pet sitting and gotten mighty excited about it. In case you are unclear, pet sitting is basically a concept of pet service where as a pet carer you visit a client’s house and take care of their pet when they are away. Pet sitting usually lasts for only a few hours and if it lasts more than a day, it is usually referred to as pet boarding (In that case the pet is left at your house so you can take care of them when the owners are away). If you want to become a pet sitter, and you have good experience dealing with animals, then with just a few steps you can become a PawSpace certified pet sitter and start taking care of pets as your profession. However, before becoming a pet sitter and doing it professionally, you might have to know a few things about it so you can know exactly what you are getting into. So what are those things? Let’s find out – 

  1. Service at pet’s home – When you are a pet sitter, you will have to get accustomed to going to the owner’s house and taking care of the pet from there. This is mostly done for the pet’s comfort. Since they have to stay away from their owner only for a few hours, it is always better to take care of them in the atmosphere they are comfortable in and mostly it is always their home. It is also good to look after them at their home because you will have access to all their necessities very easily and can provide for them comfortably without having to panic about anything. You will also be provided with a good ‘do’s and don’ts’ list from the owner when it comes to navigating about their home and taking care of their beloved pet. Which is why, you will not have to worry too much about how you will take care of the pet without 
  2. Constant updates to the parents – As a pet sitter, it becomes your primary responsibility to make sure that the pet parents are kept updated consistently about their pet babies. You can achieve this by sending them updates in the form of messages, photos and videos. This way, you can ensure that the people you are providing service to can have a worry-free time away from their pets and if you are doing your job right, this will also help you get good reviews for future advantage. Instead of waiting for the parent to keep asking how their pet is doing, if you give them voluntary updates, every person in the equation stays stress-free. Additionally, in case of any unusual behavior from the pet or some behavior that you do not understand, you can always ask the pet parent about what it means and how you can deal with it.
  3. Working experience – While for a pet sitting job, you may not require to have lots of years of experience, you will need to know basic workings of animals. This will ensure that there is semblance of trust by the client towards you. While PawSpace has a good screening process and then eventual certification that will ensure you have all the basic knowledge required, it always helps if you are good with animals and have a bit of experience in that field. However, it is nothing to fret about, the more animals you take care of, the easier every next assignment becomes for you. 
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