Pet Grooming For Aggressive Dogs

Several pet parents today complain of aggression in their dogs. All wild animals show aggressive instincts when they have to protect themselves, their young ones or their territories. However, when bringing domestic animals home, it is crucial to tame them as early as possible in order to not have any aggressive concerns later on. Aggression […]

How to relocate your pet within India

Many people complain that they had to turn down promising job opportunities because of the thought that they may have to leave their pets behind while moving to a different city. PawSpace is here to support you with domestic pet relocation in India if you are one among them. If you plan to move to […]

Dog walkers in Bangalore for your peace of mind: Top 5 reasons to book

PawSpace simplifies pet parenting by connecting you with thousands of skilled dog walkers in Bangalore. We genuinely believe that every dog must experience unconditional love, even while away from their owners. For the same reason, PawSpace equips you with easy searching, booking, payment and ultimately, the best-suited dog walker for your furr baby! If you […]

Top 5 reasons to hire a cat sitter in Bangalore today and be free of anxiety!

Bangalore is a fast-moving city, just like its people. As a Bangalorean, you may have an active life now that restaurants, resorts and most important, offices are beginning to open up. So, when you’ve got a round the clock busy life, don’t you think your cat deserves round the clock care while you’re away? Contrary […]

What all should you provide your pet sitter with?

pet sitting As a pet parent, you will already be aware of the concept of pet sitting and a pet sitter. Pet sitter is someone who looks after your pet and makes sure your pet is safe and sound without your supervision. They not only look after them but also help by giving them good […]

Why is dog licensing important?

Dog licensing Dog licensing is one of the most important aspects in the topic of pet ownership. Just like it is important for you to have the approval of the government while doing various activities in your life, it is always best to have a pet license made for your pet so they can legally […]

3 things you should know about pet sitting

Do you wish you could constantly spend time with animals? Do you want to smother every pet you see with lots of love and affection? Then you might have come across the concept of pet sitting and gotten mighty excited about it. In case you are unclear, pet sitting is basically a concept of pet […]

5 reasons why you should consider pet relocation services

If you are planning to relocate anywhere in the world from India, or just planning to move to a different city for work, family responsibilities, or any other reason, you might be facing the dilemma of how to handle the situation with respect to your pet baby. No, just because you are moving abroad, you […]

Pet sitting vs Pet boarding

If you are an avid pet lover who either owns a pet or loves adoring them in general, then you might already be familiar with the concept of pet sitting and some form of pet boarding too. While there might be quite some confusion on how both of these work, it all comes down to […]

5 facts you should know about cat sitting

Going out on a date? Family outing? Errands to run? But cannot take your cutie cat baby with you as well? You might be looking to hire for cat sitting services. These services are essentially when you hire a person to take care of your cat for the few hours that you are away. The […]

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