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3 tips that can help if you are a pet groomer

If you are a pet groomer

If you provide professional pet grooming services, you might already know a lot of tricks of the trade that help be a good one. While being a pet groomer can be challenging, it is always quite rewarding as a job. Pet parents are always thankful for the job you do in making sure that you are keeping their pets safe and healthy. When you are a pet groomer, not only do you have the responsibility of taking care of the pet while ensuring their safety, you also have the added responsibility of making sure that the pet parents are happy with the job you are doing. 

Pet grooming plays a very important role in shaping how clean and healthy the pets grow. For a lot of breeds, trimming their hair regularly is vital to keep ticks and other dirty organisms out of their fur. Other elements in grooming like nail trimming and bathing helps prevent diseases and ensures that your pet lives a long and healthy life. So as we have established that pet grooming is an indispensable part of a pet parent’s life let’s take a look at some tips on how this process can be made easier on pet groomers – 


Close toed shoes – It is always advisable that you wear close-toed shoes to your grooming appointments as a pet groomer. There are many advantages to this – You get to ensure that there are no accidents that might harm your foot and most importantly, no injuries are caused due to the pets’ paws and claws. It also works as protection on an off chance that you drop any instruments down. Basically, since grooming is an active job, you also need to make sure that your shoes have sturdy shoes and will prevent you from slipping easily,


Knowing the information – One major thing a pet groomer has to ensure is that they know what they are going to groom. It starts right at the basics – you have to know more about the breed and then mostly about the temperament of the animal. Even as a professional pet groomer, everyone is not equipped to handle some big and aggressive breeds. Sometimes you might not have the tools to handle even extremely small breeds. So it is important to find your area of expertise and ensure that the grooming assignments you take up match the criterias. It is also important to talk to the pet parent and gauge the temperament of their pet first – how they behave with strangers in general and how they react to being groomed.


Socializing first – This might be one of the most significant steps in ensuring a successful grooming session. When you socialize with the pet you are expected to groom, you give the pets a window to understand that you in fact mean no harm. You can request some time from the pet parents before the grooming session to ensure that you and the pet get accustomed to each other so the grooming session goes on seamlessly. Which is why, at-home grooming sessions work best for pets for several reasons – not only do they realize that since the person has been invited home, they are relatively safer than strangers, they also get the comfort of staying in their element and in their familiar surroundings while getting groomed. This will also reduce their anxiety a lot since they don’t have to listen to other pets being groomed. This also provides a safe space for pet groomers to socialize relatively easily with the pets without them panicking too much.


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