Everything you need to know about being a PawSpace pet sitter

Pet sitting is a concept where one takes care of pets while their pet parents are away for their own reasons – sometimes for just a few hours and sometimes for a few days (in which case, it is called pet boarding). These services are often seeked by pet parents who want to make sure […]

How to keep a small dogs calm during pet grooming sessions

Calming pet grooming sessions Pet grooming sessions, if not done right, might sometimes prove to be nerve wracking for both the pet groomer and the pet parent. Additionally, if the pet themselves are not comfortable then it might result in a lot of mishaps during the pet grooming sessions. A lot of breeds need an […]

3 tips that can help if you are a pet groomer

If you are a pet groomer If you provide professional pet grooming services, you might already know a lot of tricks of the trade that help be a good one. While being a pet groomer can be challenging, it is always quite rewarding as a job. Pet parents are always thankful for the job you […]

How being a pet care provider can change your life

Pet care provider Who does not love spending quality time with animals? Not only do we get to share the love, but we also get to experience the nuances of dealing with a species other than just our own. As human beings, we have domesticated animals to make them our pets so we can have […]

Common Dog Grooming Mistakes to Avoid: Tips from Professional Dog Groomers

Dog grooming can be a both highly entertaining and rewarding profession at the same time. While it is not always easy to tame these little pet babies and groom them according to their parents’ requirements, it is always nice to see the good results and the faces of happy pet parents. Dog grooming is essential […]

Most common issues faced during dog grooming

Issues faced during dog grooming Dog grooming can be an extremely rewarding job to have. What’s there not to love? You get to spend time and coddle sweet, little creatures while you also get the fulfillment of satisfying the needs of the pet parent with regards to their pet’s hygiene. Not only that, but you […]

Difference between Shampoos for humans and pets

If you are a pet parent who is interested in keeping up and making sure that your pet baby is clean, healthy and happy, then you would interested in knowing the nuances of dog grooming and its components. Grooming is an essential part of your dog’s life and you will always have to invest in […]

Types of dog grooming scissors

If you are a dog groomer or someone who is interested in taking it up as a profession, you will have a thousand questions about how to go about dog grooming and making sure that every pet that goes through a grooming session with you have the best time. Largely grooming is all about understanding […]

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