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4 Dog walking destinations in Bengaluru

Dog walking is one of the best leisure activities you can be a part of. You get to spend time with your dogs and puppies while simultaneously making sure that they get their regular dose of exercise. You cannot really give up on walking dogs as almost all dogs (barring a few with special conditions) need their daily dose of exercise to function in a healthy way and live up to their entire lifespan. You also know how excited your dog gets at the prospect of going out for a walk – that’s because as much as they love their home, they love to go outside and take their time to explore the world around them

Bengaluru is known for its loving dog owners and general friendliness towards dogs shown by majority of its residents. While you can always take your dogs on a walk near your residence, there are plenty of places in and around Bengaluru where you can take your dog to. This way, your dog also gets to make friends of its own and you get to meet other dog owners and share your experiences. Here are some places in Bengaluru that are extremely dog friendly would love to have your pets over for a walk:

Cubbon park – This place needs little introduction or explanation about it. Cubbon park has been one of the most famous attractions in Bengaluru for tourists and locals alike. This is also quite a dog friendly place as you can find a lot of dog parents completing their daily cardio requirements along with their dog in the morning. Cubbon park also hosts an unofficial dog meet on Sunday morning where pet parents can come together to have fun with their dogs.
Location: Cubbon Park
Timings: 6 am to 6 pm (Closed on all Mondays)

Domlur dog park – This park which is open 24 hours, is extremely dog friendly as it has a lot of amenities to ensure that your dog has the best time. This place was previously garbage dump which was later converted into a full time dog park by the efforts of the residents
Location: Domlur Dog Park
Timings: Open 24 hours

Kaikondrahalli lake park – This park is only an hour’s drive from the city and gives the most breathtaking views to take in. It has good hiking trails and abundant walking spaces where you can take your dog to spend some quality time with them. They are quite welcoming to dogs and a good place to go to if you want peace of mind and serenity while being located near the Turahalli forest towards South Bengaluru.
Location: Kaikondrahalli Lake Trail
Timings: Morning: 5am to 11am
Evenings: 3pm to 7pm

Dog park at elephant pond – This dog park is known for its vast, green spaces where your dog can run around and be free. It is also a treat for the eyes due its picturesque views. This dog park is located in Bannerghatta (Ragihalli state forest) and is a private property where your dog can enjoy fun leash-free time with you and you can enjoy the lush greenery, the serenity and the absolute calmness of being amidst nature.
Location: Dog Park at The Elephant Pond
Timings: Open 24 hours

Making sure your dog exercises is one of the most important things a pet parent should take up as a responsibility. You can always go to all these beautiful places to walk your dog in your free time but on the days you are busy, and still want to ensure your dog’s well being, you can always contact us for dog walking and we will ensure your dog is taken care of by certified dog walkers!

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