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5 facts you should know about cat sitting

Going out on a date? Family outing? Errands to run? But cannot take your cutie cat baby with you as well? You might be looking to hire for cat sitting services. These services are essentially when you hire a person to take care of your cat for the few hours that you are away. The person providing the service usually comes to your home while you are away, so they can take care of your cat in the cat’s own comfort zone. This works out for everyone involved as the cat also need not be displaced to unfamiliar surroundings just for a few hours and you also have the comfort of knowing that your cat is safe at your home. In addition to that, the cat sitter will also have the amenities and necessities needed to make sure that your cat is safe and happy. This essentially proves to be a comfortable situation for everyone involved. Before you hire a cat sitter, it is always good to know what it involves and how the service unfolds. So what are the things that you should know while you are availing cat sitting services? Let us help you out a little bit. 

cat sitting services

  1. Make your amenities clear – it’s always better to make sure that the cat sitter you hire knows exactly what they can use at your home. Since it will be a relatively new environment for them, it becomes your responsibility to help them understand the utilities that they can use for themselves and for taking care of your cat. If required, create a space with the things that the pet sitter can use and give them instructions regarding the same. 
  2. Explain your cat’s behaviour – Cats are known for liking their boundaries but the degree always differs according to different cats. Which is why, when you hire a pet sitter it becomes important to let them know your cat’s likes and dislikes and also let them know about the boundaries they need to follow. Additionally, let them know about all your cat’s favourite foods and toys. The do’s and don’ts must also be clearly mentioned along with a strict schedule that must be followed. Your cat should not be left in the care of someone without making sure that all of their needs will be met even in your absence. 
  3. You need to have clear rules – since the cat sitter might be new to your house, they might not know the rules that need to be followed. Even regarding your cat, it is always important to let them know the rules to follow while taking care of your cat. If required, it is okay to make a list and give it to the pet sitter so they can follow it even if something slips off their mind. This way, you will be at peace that you made sure that your cat (or you) will not be inconvenienced due to lack of awareness on the pet sitter’s part 
  4. You are entitled to constant updates – It is mandatory for the pet sitter to give you constant updates (in the form of pictures, videos or calls) about your cat. This way, both parties involved can be at peace about the well-being of your pet and your mind will be eased of unnecessary worries and concerns regarding its safety while being left with someone else other than you for a significant amount of time. 
  5. Provide emergency care numbers – As qualified as the pet sitter might be to take care of your cat, there might always arise emergencies that might be beyond their capability of handling. This is why it is always better for you to give them emergency contacts (yours and your vet’s) to make sure they always have a trusted person to reach out in case of any emergencies. 
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