Pawpedia: All you need to know about golden retrievers

This time on Pawpedia, we are discussing these adorable munchkins called golden retrievers. They are a wildly popular breed and a lot of dog owners prefer them. Many people also prefer to adopt a golden retriever which is by itself a great choice to make. They are famously known for being extremely cuddly, friendly and very easy with strangers. Although they are fiercely loyal, they do not have inherently wild tendencies towards strangers unless specifically provoked. Additionally, they are known for their affectionate nature. Their coat is strikingly golden (hence the name) and they can get pretty furry when not groomed regularly. If you are looking to learn more about them as a breed, this is the right place! Here are some brief facts about golden retrievers – 


  • History and Origin: 

It was derived after breeding from Flat-coated Retrievers judiciously crossed with Tweed Water Spaniels and some other British dog breeds. A lot of cross breeding was done between different british dog breeds until the golden version of this was derived. After it was, these dogs were then bred together to get Golden Retrievers as we know them today. Initially they were known as golden flat-coated retrievers until it was realized that they have distinct characteristics of their own and are not just flat-coated retrievers that are gold in color. 


  • Description: 

As the name suggests, most dogs that can be categorized under this breed have a golden coat of fur covering its entire body. Golden retrievers are medium to large sized. They are long dogs (meaning, their bodies are longer than they are taller) with double coats which usually have medium to long hair length for the fur. They can either be cream, golden or brown depending on the variations. They have broad foreheads and strong necks with loose fitting skin. They have large black noses and usually black or dark flews (canine equivalent of upper lips).


  • Average weight: 

                  Males: 25 to 35 kgs

                  Females: 23 to 33 kgs


  • Average size:

      Females: 20 to 22 inches

      Males: 22 to 24 inches 


  • Average lifespan: 12 to 13 years 

However, the longest living german shepherd is known to have lived for over 15 years. Just like humans, the healthier food they eat and the more exercise they do, the longer their life span is. Golden retrievers enjoy going out and staying active so making them exercise will not be the hardest.


  • Activity: Golden retrievers are extremely athletic and love their playtime. They cherish their exercise time and always want to stay active and on their toes. It is also very important for their health and temperament that they are kept active regularly. They have retained a lot of gundog instincts – which means that they have an excellent sense of smell and will love to play ‘fetch’ games immensely and will be quite good at it too.

  • Temperament: Golden retrievers are intelligent but extremely friendly dogs which means that they are quite nice and friendly with strangers. They do not possess the sharpest guarding abilities but this is only due to the fact that they are very friendly and trusting with strangers. They are also one of the best breeds to have around children.

  • Vocalness: Sometimes, they can be quite loud and vocal with their barking, however, they can be trained to not bark on command.

  • Shedding and grooming: Golden retrievers have long and fine coats which also means that they can be aggressive shedders and will keep shedding a lot of their fur. However, consistent and regular grooming can help them stay clean, healthy and smart-looking.

  • Training: Golden retrievers will enjoy their training time and can handle a good amount of physical activity. They are intelligent, quick, learn and follow commands promptly.


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