Pawpedia: All you need to know about Labrador Retriever

On Pawpedia this time, we are here to talk about one of the most popular breeds – labrador retrievers. They are known for being extremely friendly yet loyal. They love being around people and get accustomed to new people and surroundings fairly easily. Labrador retrievers are not only capable of being energetic, but they are […]

Pawpedia: All you need to know about golden retrievers

This time on Pawpedia, we are discussing these adorable munchkins called golden retrievers. They are a wildly popular breed and a lot of dog owners prefer them. Many people also prefer to adopt a golden retriever which is by itself a great choice to make. They are famously known for being extremely cuddly, friendly and […]

Pawpedia: All you need to know about Chihuahuas

Breed description about Chihuahuas Who doesn’t love these adorable toy-sized creatures that easily win everyone’s heart? That’s right, we are talking about the Chihuahuas. The breed that has currently grown extremely popular due to their adorable size and their ability to adjust to urban spaces that are relatively small. Everyone loves a cute little pet […]

Pawpedia: All you need to know about Indie dog

The Indian Pariah dog. You might know them as ‘Indie dogs’ since that’s what they are more popularly known that way If you are a resident of India, then you are most definitely aware of these adorable creatures – the Indian Pariah dog. You might know them as ‘Indie dogs’ since that’s what they are […]

7 Christmas gifts for pets

Gifts for pets It is that time of the year again – time for sweaters, hot chocolate, and warm cozy blankets! Christmas also means that it’s time to shower your loved ones with loads of gifts and love. So how can we miss your lovely pets? If we know anything about pet parenting, we know […]

Pawpedia: All you need to know about Husky breed

Huskies are one of the more popular breeds when it comes to domesticated dogs. They look extremely cuddly, are known for being friendly around people. They are also known for their striking features and sometimes their eyes that differ in color. If you are a pet lover, then you would have at least heard of […]

Does your pooch look preggers? Let’s know for sure!

Pregnancies, not just for humans but across all of the animal kingdom, are beautiful yet confusing. Keep reading to know how you can know for sure whether the little people are arriving! Here is some vital information to help you, pet parents, when you have a pregnant dog at home. Gestation period among dogs The […]

Why Do Cats Like Milk So Much? Should You Treat Your Kitty?

Try to picture a cat without their bowl of cow’s milk to slurp on – close to impossible, right? Old folk tales, comics and popular sitcoms like Tom and Jerry have constantly portrayed cats and milk sharing a solid connection. So, it’s only natural to think that milk is healthy for felines. Turns out, no. […]

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